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Trans 7 (formerly known as TV7) is an Indonesian commercial television station based in Central Jakarta. It is jointly owned by the Gramedia Group and Trans TV. It began broadcasting on 15 December 2001. On 15 December 2006, the official name became Trans 7 from TV 7 due to its half ownership by Trans Corp, a company that also owned Trans TV. The motto is "Increasingly Diverse, Increasingly Interesting".

In 2003, antv and TV7 relayed the Al Jazeera television station during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

As well as regular new programs, gossip shows and educational programs, Trans7 English football (English Premier League and The FA Cup (now on MNCTV and Global TV)) and Italian football (Serie A and Coppa Italia (now on Indosiar)) and the chatshow Bukan Empat Mata (formerly Empat Mata), which is hosted by comedian Tukul Arwana. TV7 also broadcast MotoGP since 2002, who previously broadcasted by ANteve. Trans 7 also relay antv's sport news Lensa Olahraga in early 2002.

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Available Position

1.Motion Graphic (TR7-MG) Min. D3 All Major
2.Video Editor (TR7-VE) Min. D3 All Major
3.Legal Supervisor (LS) Bachelor / Master degree
4.Internal Audit (INT) Bachelor degree Min. 2 years experience
5.Account Executive (AE) Bachelor degree All Major
6.Reporter / Presenter (REP) Bachelor degree All Major
7.Public Relations (PR) Diploma or Bachelor degree All Major
8.Procurement (PROC) Diploma or Bachelor degree Accounting or Financial Management
9.Senior Wardrobe Person (WP) Diploma or Bachelor degree Preferably in Fashion
10.Creative (CRE) Diploma or Bachelor degree Communication / Broadcasting / Journalistic
11.Assesor for Employee Assessment (ASSESOR) Bachelor degree Psychologist



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