Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX) Job Vacancy

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO), which acts as a facilitator in the development of capital markets in Indonesia, with a vision To be a Competitive Stock Exchange with World-Class Credibility. In order to support business operations and development of the capital markets in Indonesia, we are looking for professionals who are competent and interested in developing themselves in the field of capital markets for the position:

The capital market in Indonesia has actually exist long before the Independence of Indonesia. The first stock exchange in Indonesia was established on 1912 in Batavia during the Dutch colonial era. At that time, the Exchange was established for the interest of the Dutch East Indies (VOC).

During those era, the capital market grew gradually, and even became inactive for a period of time due to various conditions, such as the World War I and II, power transition from the Dutch government to Indonesian government, etc.

Indonesian government reactivated its capital market in 1977, and it grew rapidly ever since, along with the support of incentives and regulations issued by the government.

Below is the brief history of Indonesia Stock Exchange:

Staf Penyebaran Informasi (PPR)

  • Process the announcement of the issuer or a related party to be delivered via hardcopy Exchange Announcement,
  • As the admin of the application submission information elekteronik (IDXnet),
  • Consistently review and provide input relating to the application so it can function IDXnet the optimal,
  • Examine the critical issues related to corporate actions Issuer (schedules, legal aspects, financial aspects, aspects of accounting),
  • Assist in the review of regulation of corporate action or dissemination of information,
  • Assist the development of systems required (either by internal divisions, corporate, and other related divisions), so that work can be done more efficiently,
  • Provides internal database current (soft), particularly that relating to the dissemination of information


  • Men, aged 22-30 years
  • Education min. S1 Accounting Giant State University with minimum GPA 3.00 (scale 4)
  • Have work experience in public accounting firm at least 1 year
  • Have an interest in the field of Accounting Information Systems development in corporate
  • Have knowledge of application software development process
  • Interpersonal skills (especially communication skills, both spoken and written)
  • Orientation of the data and information in detail, current, and accurate
  • Able to work as a team or individual
  • Have the dexterity, precision, and persistence in working

Staf Pemeriksa Anggota Bursa (Auditor) (Kode: KAB)

  • Inspection or audit activities or adhoc basis and against a securities firm registered as a member of the Exchange.


  • Male, age max. 30 years
  • Min. S1 Accounting from reputable university with min GPA country 3.00 (scale 4)
  • Preferably have experience as an auditor at least 1 year KAP
  • Have strong analytical skills
  • Have integrity and commitment to duty and high responsibility
  • Has a soul and the ability of good service
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Have strong motivation and desire to develop
  • Have good communication skills and be able to give a professional impression
  • Has a broad knowledge of the Indonesian capital market

If you have the above qualifications, please send a cover letter, CV, copy of diploma, academic transcript, and a color photo (4x6) 1 sheet to the address:

Email: ike.octavia @ idx.co.id


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