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PT Askes Persero is a State Owned specifically assigned by the government to hold health care benefits for civil servants, civil servants pension recipients and army / police, Veterans, Independence Pioneers and their families and other business entities.

PT Askes Persero also aims to implement and support policies and government programs on economic and national development in general, particularly in the field of social insurance through the organization of insurance / health insurance for civil servants, pensioners, veterans, pioneer families and their independence, and other community, and optimizing the utilization of the Company to produce high-quality services and strong competitiveness, to increase the value of benefits for participants and the value of the Company by applying the principles of Limited Liability Company.

PT Askes (Persero) merupakan Badan Usaha Milik Negara, yang  bergerak dalam bidang Asuransi Kesehatan. Pada saat ini PT Askes (Persero) Kantor Pusat membutuhkan  :

Staff Teknologi Informasi (Kode TI), pendididikan : D III Tehnik Informatika, D III Manajemen Informatika, D III Tehnik Komputer;

  1. Staff Akunting / Keuangan (kode AKI), pendididikan : D III Ekonomi Akuntansi, D III Akuntansi Komputer;
  2. Staff Arsip (Kode ARS), pendidikan : D III Kearsipan;
  3. Staff Administrasi (Kode ADM), pendididikan : D III Segala jurusan;
  4. Staff Sekretaris (Kode SKR), pendidikan : D III Sekretaris, D III Administrasi Perkantoran dan Seketaris, minimal pengalaman kerja sebagai sekretaris selama 1 tahun;
  5. Staff Desain Grafis (Kode DSG), pendidikan : D III Desain Grafis, D III Tehnik Informatika peminatan Desain Grafis;
  6. Staff Resepsionis (Kode RES), pendidikan SMK Perhotelan, D III Perhotelan/pariwisata
  7. Staff Teknisi (Kode TEK), pendidikan : STM jurusan Sipil/Listrik/Mesin


  • Men and women, age maximum 25 years, specialized staff secretary to max 23 years
  • Cumulative grade point (GPA) of at least 2.75 to 3.00 for the graduates of state universities and private university graduates except STM / SMK average NEM 6
  • Single Status
  • Control of active and passive English is very good for the staff secretary
  • Able to operate Computer (MS.Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Look attractive, and proportionate
  • Willing to not get married for 1 year
  • Preferred for those who already have experience of at least one year, but fresh graduates are welcome to sign up
  • Especially for the staff of Information Technology (IT codes) are expected to understand programming, database management systems, and networks.
  • Especially for the staff of Graphic Design (DSG Code) are expected to master graphic design applications such as auto cad, corel draw, photoshop, etc..

Completeness of Application Files are as follows:

Job applications

  1. Curicullum Vitae
  2. Last Diploma photocopy and transcript that has been legalized
  3. Photocopy of identity cards (KTP)
  4. Recent photos fit size 4 x 6 2 pieces

Applications can be submitted to:

Grup Organisasi dan SDM PT Askes (Persero)
dengan alamat Jl. Jend Suprapto Po Box 1391/JKT Jakarta Pusat 10510

no later than March 27, 2012.

The decision to call the applicant and determining the selection of a right PT Askes (Limited) and can not be contested. PT Askes (Corporation) does not serve the correspondence and in the selection process is free of charge.



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