Indomarco (Indomaret) Job Vacancy

We distribute majority of Indofood's products, and also distributes third party products. We deliver consumer goods from major modern chain store to traditional market.
We operate in 25 branches nationwide, with more than 1100 stock points, serving 300.000 outlets of major store to wet market.

Starting from the idea to facilitate the provision of basic needs of everyday people, then in 1988 founded a store that is named Indomaret. Parallel development of store operations, companies are interested to further explore and understand the various needs and consumer behavior in shopping. To accommodate these goals, several employees were assigned to observe and examine the behavior of public spending. The conclusion is that people tend to prefer modern shopping outlets on the grounds of the completeness of the choice of quality products, competitive prices and certainly, as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

Armed with knowledge of consumer needs, skills and shifting operation of the store shopping behavior to outlets of modern society, the noble desire to rise further devoted to the homeland. Intention is realized by establishing Indomaret, with legal entities PT. Indomarco Prismatama who has a vision "to be a superior retail network" and the motto "easy and efficient".

At first, form the organizing Indomaret outlets located close to residential consumers, providing a variety of basic needs and daily needs, serving the general public that is diverse, and has an area of ​​about 200 m2 store.

Along with the passage of time and market needs, Indomaret continues to add stores in various areas of housing, offices, commercial, and tourist apartments. In this case there was a learning process for the operation of large-scale retail network, complete with a variety of complex and varied experiences.

After mastering the knowledge and skills to operate a large-scale retail chain, Management is committed to making Indomaret as a national asset. This is not apart from the fact that all the thinking and operation of the Company is handled entirely by the sons and daughters of Indonesia. As a national asset, Indomaret want to share with the people of Indonesia through a franchise business and are also able to compete in the global competition. Therefore, the company's vision and then develop "a national asset in the form of franchise retail chain who excel in global competition".

Indomaret franchise business concept is the first and is a pioneer in the field minimarket in Indonesia. Response to the public was very positive, as evidenced by an increase in the number of franchisee Indomaret from time to time. The concept of franchising company is also recognized by the government through the award given to Indomaret as the "Company Franchise Excellence 2003". The award of this kind is the first time granted to the company minimarket in Indonesia and to date only Indomaret who receive it.

Currently Indomaret growing very rapidly with the number reached more than 5,000 outlets in the area of ​​Java, Madura, Bali and Sumatra, consisting of 40% franchisee-owned outlets and 60% Company-owned outlets. Most of the supply of merchandise to all stores from 15 distribution centers Indomaret which provides more than 4,800 kinds of products.

Now, the presence is further enhanced by the presence Indomaret Indogrosir, a subsidiary of a business concept Perkulakan Center.


Originated from the idea to facilitate the provision of employees' basic daily needs, a store, known as Indomaret, was established in 1988. As the store developed, the Company were the resource persons interested to Further Understand and explore the consumers' Various needs and shopping behaviors. Hence, Several employees were the resource persons assigned to Observe and examine the community's buying behavior. It was concluded That people would rather shop in modern stores due to more choices of quality products, competitive fixed prices, as well as comfortable atmosphere.

With knowledge about consumers' needs, store management skills, community's shifting behavior Towards a modern shopping outlets, CAME forth the desire to serve Indonesia Further nationwide. This was realized Pls Indomaret were the resource persons registered as a legal entity, PT. Indomarco Prismatama, with a vision of "Becoming an excellent retail network" and emphasizing on the "easy and economical" motto.

In the beginning, designed Indomaret were the resource persons in the vicinity of consumers' residential areas, providing a variety of basic and daily needs and serving a wide range of general public with an area of ​​about 200 m2.

As the Market Continues to evolve, more outlets are established in Various residential, commercial and tourism areas. This enables Indomaret to learn how to operate a larger-scale retail network and to gain a more complex experience.

With the knowledge and skills to operate a large-scale retail network, the management are committed to turn into a national asset Indomaret operated by excellent Indonesians. As national assets, We Are eager to Contribute to the people of Indonesia through a franchise business and to Compete globally. Therefore, the vision tranformed into "Becoming a national asset in the form of retail franchise network That excels in global competition".

Indomaret's franchise is the pioneer in Indonesia. The public response was very positive, leading to an ever Increasing number of Indomaret franchisees. The company also gained government recognition through the "Top Indonesian Franchise Company" award in 2003. This kind was the first ever granted to Minimart companies in Indonesia and until now we are the sole recipient.
At the moment, Indomaret are growing very rapidly, with more than 5.000 outlets in Java, Madura, Bali and Sumatra, consisting of 40% 60% franchised and Company-owned outlets. Most of goods supplied to all stores are distributed by 15 distribution centers That Provide more than 4.800 different products.

Today, Indomaret's position in the retail market is strengthened by the presence of Indogrosir, a subsidiary focusing on wholesale business.

administration Pekanbaru

  • Male, age max 27 years
  • Min high school education / equivalent
  • Master basic computer (Microsoft words and excel)
  • Willing to be placed throughout the city in the province of Riau mainland

Accounting Officer
Jakarta Raya

  • With the wide scope of work in ensuring the accuracy of financial reports and monitoring, the passage of a good internal control in the branch, each candidate has the potential career opportunities for managerial positions in our branches in the future.


  • Male, age max 25 years
  • S1 Accounting from reputable University
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Public Accounting Firm
  • Also open to Fresh graduate with good qualifications

Administrasi Clerk
Jakarta Raya - Cikarang Jababeka

  • Male, max 30 years old.
  • Candidate must possess at least a SMU in any field.
  • Required skill(s): Computer especially words and excel (is a must)
  • Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Placement in Cikarang Jababeka (Domicile Bekasi & Cikarang is preferable)
  • 1 Full-Time positions available.

Please send your Application Letter, CV and recent photograph within 2 weeks. Put the code as subject email to :



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