Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) Job Vacancy

KPC operations are located around Sangatta, the capital of the East Kutai Regency (Kutim), in the East Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The town is on the Sangatta River, 50 km north of the equator on the east coast of Kalimantan Island, 180 km north of the provincial capital Samarinda and 310 km north of the major population centre of Balikpapan.

KPC has a number of operating pits in the Sangatta mining area mined directly by KPC and by contractors.

In June 2005, Mining operations commenced at the Bengalon mine approximately 25 Km to the north of the Sangatta. Bengalon mining operations are contracted to PT Darma Henwa.

KPC's Sangatta mines are close to the port facilities at Tanjung Bara which is linked to the mine by an overland conveyor of approximately 13km in length. The Bengalon mine is also close to the coast being linked to its port facilities by a 22km haul road. The close proximity of all the mines to the ports provides KPC with the advantage of low mine to port transportation costs.

Most of KPC's employees live in company built housing areas at Swarga Barga and Prima Griya Lestari which nestle between the mining operations administration centre and the town of Sangatta. Other employees reside at Tanjung Bara community approximately 17 kilometres from the mine.

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) operates a coal mine in Sangatta East Kalimantan and is one of the largest export coal mines.

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If your background meets these requirements, forward your resume (including details of present positions & remuneration and your latest color photograph) no later than 10 days after the date of this advertisement to the following address:

Superintendent Recruitment
PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
PO Box 620 Balikpapan 76106 Kalimantan Timur
Or E-mail : recruitment@kpc.co.id

Opportunity exists for a seasoned, high caliber, professional to join the Company with job assignment in Sangatta-East Kalimantan for the positions of:

Coordinator Safety & Training
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Develop and implement a schedule for the safety monitoring and inspection of Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody activities, and facilities within the designated areas in order to ensure that all areas are monitored and inspected on a regular basis.
  • Monitor and inspect all Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody activities, and facilities within the designated areas in order to provide feedback to respective management on compliance to KPC safety regulations, standards and the requirements of the Prima Nirbhaya system.
  • Facilitate Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody staffs in carrying out incident/accident investigations in order to ensure quality process is used, the immediate and basic causes are analysed properly using Primaica Chart, sound recommendations formulated and the reports are generated in a correct and timely manner.
  • Co-ordinate within the designated areas, the tracing/tracking of follow-up actions arising from accident/incident reports, inspections, audits and safety meetings to ensure closing loop.
  • Co-ordinate the filing and administration of all safety documentation within the designated areas both in manual and Prinutama systems.
  • Lead/facilitate Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody staffs in conducting Risk Assessment, Job Safety Analysis and Planned Task Observations.
  • Participate and assist in internal audit processes within Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody.
  • Develop and maintain Safety Training Matrix for all Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department within the designated areas and assist CMD Contractors Safety Officers to develop and maintain ones for their employees.
  • Develop safety training schedules, co-ordinate the sessions, monitor attendance and update the records for all employees within designated areas.
  • Conduct and facilitate or co-facilitate safety training programs for Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody employees within the designated areas as directed by the Superintendent.
  • Present safety statistics, incident recalls and any other safety information relevant to the works performed within the designated areas (in safety meeting, talks, briefing etc).
  • Attend and contribute to CMD safety meetings and departments/sections safety meetings within the designated areas or as directed by the Superintendent.
  • Assist Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody staffs in conducting & improving safety talks within the designated areas or as directed by the Superintendent.
  • Liaise with Contract Mining PAMA Pits Department and Contractors under the Department custody employees on safety related issues in order to provide guidance or advise that will enable those issues to be resolved.


  • MinimumSenior High Schoolwith at least 10 years experience or D-3 with at least 5 years experience or S-1 with at least 3 years experience in a mining environment, preferably in relations to safety operations, such that a good understanding has developed of the mining operation in general.
  • Strong mining operations knowledge and skills is desirable.
  • Safety related qualification or experience i.e. in risk assessment, job safety analysis, accident investigation, etc. is desirable as this position will be required to lead/facilitate the process and train/coach others.
  • Good interpersonal skills to liaise with personnel at all level from various departments/divisions and contractors.
  • Good presentation skills to conduct interesting safety talks and safety training programs.
  • Sound leadership quality is a must.
  • Good reasoning and decision making.
  • Good command in English spoken and written.
  • Ability to convince and motivate employees and supervisory staff to comply with Prima Nirbhaya requirements.
  • Computer skills in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint to maintain records and to produce reports and presentation materials.
  • Thorough knowledge of all KPCand Prima Nirbhaya safety regulations, standards and requirements.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and filing system, particularly to meet Prima Nirbhaya audit requirements.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills (Oral & Written) in both bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • Possess “Pengawas Operational Pratama” certification from Directorate General of Mining and Energy.

Engineer - Dispatch
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Carry out inspections of the pit daily to maintain an up to date knowledge of the current pit configuration and ensure current configuration is maintained in the systems.
  • Monitor equipment availability to ensure that Dispatcher is allocating spare equipment to other pits where required and vise versa.
  • Manage the Dispatch systems by liaising with the MMS System Admintrator and Dispatch Supervisors and carrying out activities such as ensure changes to the system configuration is up-to-date, implementing new procedures, system development, testing, modification of reports, resolving problem raised by Dispatch Supervisors/Dispatcher.
  • Monitor the systems software and hardware performance and liaise with Systems Administrator for any software/hardware problems and with Pakter personnel for field units hardware maintenance.
  • Maintain and update the structure of the system using the available configuration utilities.
  • Ensure that the daily input of statistics for equipment without MMS installed is being entered accurately by monitoring data.
  • Inspect GPS external aerials and their mountings and all associated system cabling for damage on equipment that is in for maintenance.
  • Regularly run the KPC TPMS report to identify faulty units and report to maintenance for further action.


  • S1 Engineering degree with 3 years experience in open cut mining operations, preferably with field supervision, mine technical and dispatching experience.
  • A very good knowledge of the MMS-Dispatch sysmtes and other Mine Control systems such as TPMS, VIMS, PLM etc. both technical and operational.
  • A good understanding of the UNIX operating system and its utilities, MMS Dispatch software, communication protocols, computer networking, PC based software, and knowledge of dispatch hardware.
  • Good knowledge of coal mining terminology and mine engineering term and definition.
  • Excellent planning, analytical and organization skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (Oral & Written) in both bahasa Indonesia and English.

Specialist Safety Training (Code : SP-ST)
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Develop learning outcomes from data provided as a result of a training need analysis conducted in the position’s particular discipline area.
  • Develop lesson plans from a list of learning outcomes in order to provide a consistent approach to the delivery of a safety competency development programme.
  • Develop safety training programme materials such as training aids, slides, handouts, etc. in order to optimize the effectiveness and consistency of the competency development programme.
  • Deliver the safety training for KPC and Contractors employees in order to raise skill and competency levels.
  • Monitor trainee progress in learning during training sessions and provide appropriate feedback to ensure training objectives are being met.
  • Ensure course content is fully covered through managing time during course delivery by starting and finishing at scheduled times, controlling break durations and ensuring allocated theory/practical time is adhered to.
  • Assess course participants to ensure that learning outcomes have been met.  This includes ensuring that assessments are fully supervised, assessment test content and results remain confidential and ensuring that the practical testing process is controlled by maintaining high testing standards.
  • Assist in the process of modifying training course materials (with the Superintendent’s approval) in order to raise content and delivery standards.
  • Liaise with customers as required to provide information on safety training course and training administration, receive feed back on all matters related to safety training activities and to determine safety training needs.


  • Minimum requirement for education levels is degree in Health & Safety Management with work experience in safety practices on coal mine industry 3 years.
  • Planning, supervisory, excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Competent training skills gained through formal Train the Trainer training and on the job coaching/experience.
  • Knowledge of KPC's HSEpolicies, and HSEManagement System.
  • Excellent Presentation skills.
  • Interpersonal skills for liaising with customers and conducting training.
  • Initiative and the ability to conduct research.

Specialist Maintenance Training (Code : SP-MT)
Kalimantan Timur

  • Develop an annual training plan in the last quarter of the year and in conjunction with the Superintendent Technical Training and the Supervisor TB Maintenance Training, such that the plan meets customers needs and can be met within resources and staff limitation.
  • Administer the course nomination process and liaise with customers weekly to confirm upcoming schedules and to confirm personnel nominated to attend.
  • Liaise with the Senior Supervisor TB Maintenance Training on a daily basis to determine training resources and consumables required for upcoming training courses and ensure items required are ordered in a timely fashion.
  • Distribute update tradesperson competency charts to the seven Mining maintenance workshop and the contractors workshop on at least a three monthly basis and follow up on any changes or modifications required.
  • Schedule OEM training with customers according to delivery contracts, prepare coded Alesco forms to define the training being conducted and administer all arrangements associated with the training such as the Trainer’s travel and accommodation on site, training location and resources.
  • Maintain the leave roster for all section staff and ensure that all scheduled activities are covered by appropriate staff before leave applications are processed.


  • Minimum Diploma 3 with 5 years experience including 2 years experience in a maintenance scheduling support role.
  • Knowledge of planning and scheduling procedures with the ability to negotiate/compromise with customers.
  • Basic understanding of trade training.
  • General computers skills such as MS Windows, Excel, Word, MS Project and Ellipse.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills (written & oral) in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Superintendent Maintenance Training (Code : Supt-MT)
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Identify, develop, implement and review training and development program for Mining Support Divisions in order to achieve safety, quality and productivity objectives within time, cost and quality guidelines as well as provide professional and technical development opportunities for employees at all levels.
  • Liaise regularly with key customers to gain an understanding of their current training and development requirements.  Address specific training and development matters and maintain a strong client focus.
  • Organize, control and co-ordinate resources and facilities for KPCtraining program (including external providers) to meet customer training and development commitments and provide training resources for instructors and trainees attending those training program.
  • Oversee and monitor the design and development of all off and on the job training program by Specialists to ensure that Maintenance training & development curriculum standards are maintained and that they meet the competency development requirements of customers.
  • Oversee and monitor the development and delivery of training and development program for KPCto ensure consistency with corporate business and Mining Support Division objectives along with training and development standards for all level of employees.
  • Establish and monitor training and development priorities with customers in order to meet their needs within Maintenance Training and Development resource and staffing capabilities.
  • Liaise with external providers and consultants to satisfy particular customer training and development requirements.
  • Provide pertinent training and development reports to the Manager MSD and key customers as required in order that they maintain an up to date knowledge of Maintenance Training & Development issues.
  • Advise and guide management and staff of Mining Support Division on HR policies and procedures to enable understand the issue and to highlight problems and recommend remedial actions.
  • Monitor and action the Man power plan, together with an annual budget, to facilitate the achievement of business plan.


  • S1 degree in Engineering or other related discipline with at least 7 years experience or SeniorTechnicalSchoolwith at least 10 years experience and proven skills in management of Maintenance system.
  • Sound Presentation & Leadership skills.
  • Solid planning to develop both short and long term initiatives.
  • Analytical, problem solving skills together with mechanical aptitude to solve technical difficulties.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Specialist Communications (Code : SPCOM)
Kalimantan Timur - Sangatta

  • Advice technical specifications and requirement of communication equipment to be installed at KPC, to ensure that the equipment meet the needs of KPC and compatible with the current systems.
  • Install, set up and test new or replacement equipment as per relevant technical and safety procedures to ensure the equipment is properly placed and in good operations.
  • Monitor the availability of the communication systems, including telephone systems, two-way communication radio systems, radio backbone and point-to-point wireless link and FO network, to minimize the disruption to KPC operations.
  • Organize regular preventative maintenance of all communication equipment with appointed contractors to ensure the equipment are always in good order and any possible faults are identified or predicted.
  • Perform remedial and diagnostic maintenance by identifying problems of the communication systems, analyzing possible faults, and making appropriate decision in timely manner to troubleshoot the problem or reconfigure the systems thus minimizing down time of KPC operations.
  • Liaise with contractors, vendors, and consultants to keep update with the current technology advancement, escalate systems errors, outsource projects, and update the telephone numbering plan information.
  • Monitor the stock level of communication equipment spares, including two-way communication radio units, telephone handsets, and PABX/radio systems parts.
  • Maintain technical documentation of communication systems configuration and change log-book.
  • Maintain the operations of KPC PABX and telephone systems, including satellite phones, emergency fire lines and information hotlines, and modems.
  • Maintain two-way communication radio system, and administer database of communication radio subscribers to ensure accurate information is maintained.
  • Maintain all communication buildings, including communication rooms, communication towers, shelters, generators, and Uninterrupted Power Supplies, to ensure they are in good conditions.
  • Maintain the operations of Community Access Television to ensure the service is available and meet the needs of KPC residents.
  • Maintain high standard of safety practices in any job performance to minimize risks.


  • University degree in communication or comparable skill, with 3 years experience in maintaining communication systems.
  • Good knowledge the operations of communication systems and telephony systems.
  • Hand-on skill in maintaining PABX, IP Telephony system, Radio Communication (conventional and trunked), Microwave, modem, network equipment, and Fiber Optic.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Good English skills



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