Lowongan BUMN : Garam (Persero)

A. Salt Raw Materials
Salt Products Raw Materials has 4 types of premium quality that is, PS, P and M.

Industrial Raw Material salt include:
1. salt as raw material for soda industry (CAP)
Salt as an assistant 2. paper, aluminum, plastic, oil drilling, tannery and others.

Two. Salt Treatment (consumption):
~ Salt Brand Product packaging "Triangle G"
Coarse salt with a high quality that can be used as salt consumption to penyedap food.
~ Salt Brand Fine "Triangle G"
salt consumption is produced by using raw material of choice has
good quality. This can be seen from the color of pure white salt.
~ Salt Brand Fine "Healthy Families"
~ Salt Brand Fine "Healthy Child"
~ Low Sodium Salt "LoSoSa"
All dishes must more enjoyable and healthy if applied salt salt "LoSoSa" Salt "LoSoSa"
containing sodium / low sodium safe to eat the whole family. Table salt "LoSoSa"
recommended for patients with hypertension or hypertensive tendency.
Salt "LoSoSa" made ​​from raw material selection of sea water, hygienic and easily soluble so it can also
used as a salt. Start living healthy with table salt "LoSoSa" (Low Sodium Salt).
Low Sodium Salt "LoSoSa" is a prime quality salt with NaCl content on average 50% of
salt consumption, can help control the excessive consumption of salt is good for patients
Hypertension and hypertensive tendency.
LoSoSa is to develop nutritional salt body function through a balance of mineral ratio, hold liquid, normalization of blood pressure, keeping the temperature and pH balance.

Packaging and Labelling process LoSoSa

Salt ~ Top Grade "Maduro"
Salt "Maduro" (Top Grade Salt) is a salt content of prime quality beryodium
High NaCl.

All dishes must more enjoyable and healthy if using salt production
PT. Salt (Persero) - Indonesia

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Management Trainee

  1. S1 Law (SH-100)
  2. S1 Agriculture (SP-100)
  3. S1 Chemical Engineering (STK-100)
  4. S1 Irrigation Engineering (STP-100)
  5. S1 Civil Engineering (STS-100)
  6. S1 Mechanical Engineering (STM-100)
  7. S1 Finance Management (SE-100)
  8. S1 Accounting (SAK-100)
  9. S1 Psychology (PSI-100)
  10. D3 Informatic Engineering (DI-100)
  11. D3 Finance Economic (DE-100)


  • Preferred Male (1 - 8 & 10), preferred Female (9 & 11)
  • Preferred Single, not married
  • Max age 31 years old in 28 February 2012
  • Have high analytical skills
  • Have high integrity, hard working, honest, loyal, and able to work in teams
  • Willing to be placed in all regions of Indonesia



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