PLN Geothermal Job Vacancy

PT. PLN Geothermal is called PLN-G for short, is a subsidiary of PT. PLN (Persero), a state-owned company that conducts electricity business activities in Indonesia.

Prior to the Government of Indonesia taking action in a reformation and restructuring of geothermal energy management and utilization, there was the single company which could operate geothermal energy development in Indonesia.

By enacting the Presidential Decree Number 76 Year 2000 in conjunction with the Law Number 27 Year 2003 on Geothermal for regulating of the geothermal energy development in Indonesia, the business opportunity opened allowing more companies to participate including PLN-G.

In April 2004, PT. PLN (Persero) had a plan to form the Geo Explo Enterprise to develop Sarulla geothermal power plant. However, it floundered, then Sarulla project entirely was executed by the investor based upon the Independence Power Producer scheme (IPP scheme), which was procured based upon the opening tender.

On October 15, 2008, PLN-G was established for aiming at supporting the governmental acceleration program of geothermal energy development in general and local energy utilizations, participating in the local governmental tender for Working Area, and also diversifying and conserving primary energy utilization. Moreover, PLN-G was demanded to become a price setter in geothermal energy development business in Indonesia, and to reduce the local electricity production cost due to fossil fuel displacement.

A. SMK / SMA (OP1, TP1 and TA1): Fill out the attached form Curriculum Vitae in Word format and send via email to, cc:
B. D3/D4/S1 (OP, TP, TA, SO, SP, SE, SK and SW) Sending scans in JPG format contains:
1) Curriculum Vitae that is signed on the stamp Rp.6000, -
2) via email to the last diploma, cc:


• Participants who passed the selection and administration, at the time following the Academic and English tests are required to bring:
1) Pas size photo 4cm X 6 cm by 4 pieces
2) Identity Card (KTP) Original

• Participants who pass the test of Psychology, during an interview are required to submit a copy of the original application file and show the form:
A. Application letter addressed to PT PLN Geothermal cq Director of Human Resources
2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
3. Copy of Diploma / certificate of legalized
4. Copy of legalized last transcript
5. ID Card Copy
6. Latest photographs size 4 x 6 1 sheet
7. Self declaration on the stamp Rp. 6000, - which states that the applicant:
a) Not involved in drug abuse and other addictive substances.
b) Willing to be placed in the work environment throughout the territory of PT PLN Geothermal Indonesia (for D3/D4/S1 (OP, TP, TA, SO, SP, SE, SK and SW)

• Announcement of participants who passed each stage of selection through the website: the above schedule.
• Participants who passed on the selection process above will be employed by PT PLN Geothermal Working Agreement with the status of specific time periods (PKWT) for 2 (two) years.
• Participants who have completed and during stints as PKWT demonstrate good behavior and performance, will be appointed as clerk of Organic / PT PLN Geothermal Permanent Employees
• Retirement age:
• SMK / SMA (OP1, TP1 and TA1): 45 Years
• D3/D4/S1 (OP, TP, TA, SO, SP, SE, SK and SW): 56 Years

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