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Yakult is the original probiotic. One bottle contains a minimum of 6.5 billion cells of the unique probiotic strain of bacteria isolated by Dr Shirota. The strain is scientifically proven to reach the intestines alive where it can top up the existing levels of good bacteria. There are absolutely no colourings whatsoever in Yakult. Its colour is a natural result of caramelisation during the production process.

Yakult's natural home is in the digestive system – along with the 100 trillion bacteria (the 'gut flora') already residing there. Since the digestive system is the location for most of the body's immune system, it's important that a healthy balance of bacteria is maintained there. Yakult helps to top up and support the work of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

When he developed Yakult back in 1935, Dr Shirota was keen to emphasise the global importance of good digestive health, and so chose the word 'Yakult' from the 'universal language' of Esperanto. The word actually means 'yoghurt' – but Yakult is not a yoghurt; it is a fermented skimmed milk drink. Both the company and the drink are called 'Yakult'.

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Send your CV before 5 April 2012

Address PT. Yakult (Head Office):
PP. Plaza Lt. 7
Jl. TB. No Simatupang. 57 Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta
Tel. 877.82138
Fax. 877.82139
Email: pga.yip @ gmail.com



a.male, age max. 26 th, Pend D3/S1 all majors (majors preferred
food, agro-industry, biological, nutritional, pharmaceutical, chemical, and the like
b.can be operate a computer
c HAVE SIM A (absolute)
d.ready a business trip

a.MALE, max age 27 years
b.EDUCATION S1 majoring in biology / microbiology / pharmacy (preferably a background in microbiology education)
c.can be operate operate computer (Ms. Office)
A driver's license preferred
e.ready  placed in the plant (Sukabumi)
f.Memberikan scientific presentations related to the product
g.give education about their products and establish communication / relationship with the health sector institutions
h.experience work is not absolute



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