Recruitment BUMN : Wika (Dept. Industrial Plant)

WIKA was born out of the nationalization process of a Dutch company bearing the name Naamloze Vennotschap Technische Handel Maatschappij en Bouwbedijf Vis en Co. or NV Vis en Co. Pursuant To Government Regulation No. 2 / 1960 and Minister of Public Works and Electric Power (PUTL) Decree No. 5 dated 11 March 1960, WIKA was established with the name of Perusahaan Negara Bangunan Widjaja Karja. WIKA's line of business at the time was electrical and water pipe installation works. In the early 1960s, WIKA took part in the construction project of Gelanggang Olah Raga Bung Karno on the occasion of the Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO) and the 4th Asian Games in Jakarta.

With the passing of time, various improvements were made in order to continue growing as well as contribute to nation-building by providing construction services throughout the country.

The first significant growth occurred in 1972, when the name Perusahaan Negara Widjaja Karja was changed to PT Wijaya Karya. WIKA then developed into a construction contractor by handling various important projects such as the installation of electricity grids at Asahan and the Jatiluhur irrigation project.

A decade later, in 1982, WIKA underwent expansion with the establishment of several new divisions, namely the Construction Civil Division, Building Division, Housing Facilities Division, Concrete and Metal Products Division, Industrial Construction Division, Energy Division, and Commerce Division. The projects handled at the time included among others the LIPI Building, the Bukopin Building, and the Building and Irrigation Project. Moreover, with the progressive growth of its subsidiaries in the industrial sector WIKA was transformed into an integrated and synergetic infrastructure company.

The skills of WIKA personnel in the construction industry have pushed the Company to further explore the various areas in which it does business by establishing a number of subsidiaries in order that they can become independent as business ventures that specializes in creating their own respective products. In 1997, WIKA founded its first subsidiary company, namely PT Wijaya Karya Beton, a reflection of how fast the Concrete Division was growing in WIKA at the time.

PT Wijaya Karya Beton's activity at the time , among others, is the provision of rail tracks for the construction of the Manggarai double-track lane in Jakarta, the construction of the Grati Steam-powered Power Station (PLTGU) and also the Barelang Bridge in Batam. The PT Wijaya Karya Beton measure was then followed by the establishment of PT Wijaya Karya Realty in 2000 as a natural progression of the Realty Division. Subsequently in the same year PT Wijaya Karya Intrade was also established as the progression of the Industrial and Commercial Division.

As the Company developed more and more, so too did the public's confidence in the Company's capability. This was reflected in WIKA's success in launching its Initial Public Offering/IPO on 27 October 2007 at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (known at the time as the Jakarta Stock Exchange). During the IPO, WIKA released 28.46 percent of its shares to the public, so that the government of the Republic of Indonesia held 68.42 percent, while the rest was owned by the public, including WIKA employees, through the Employee/ Management of Stock of Option Program (E/MSOP), and Employee Stock Allocation (ESA).

Meanwhile, the measure of developing Divisions into selfsufficient subsidiary companies continued to be taken. In 2008 WIKA established subsidiary company PT Wijaya Karya Gedung that specializes in the development of high rise buildings. WIKA also acquired 70.08 percent shares of PT Catur Insan Pertiwi that specializes in the field of mechanical-electrical. Then PT Catur Insan Pertiwi was renamed into PT Wijaya Karya Insan Pertiwi. In 2009, together with PT Jasa Sarana and RMI, established PT Wijaya Karya Jabar Power specializes in the development of geothermal power station (PLTP) projects.

In the mid of 2009, WIKA together with other companies have succeded in completing the Suramadu Bridge, a prestigious project that connects Java and Madura islands. Currently the project have been enjoyed by the community at large.

Entering 2010, WIKA is faced with a changing business environment with greater challenges. Thus, WIKA has defined a new vision which is the Vision 2020, to become one of the best integrated EPC and Investment Companies in South East Asia. The vision is believed to provide direction to every WIKA's line of business to achieve optimum growth, healthy and sustainable.

Project Manager
Jakarta Raya

  • Posses diploma in Mechanical / electrical / Civil Engineering
  • Expatriate with Min 10 years working experiences
  • Having experience in Project of Crushing and Conveying System
  • Excellent in Process of Mechanical Engineering
  • Have a good communication, strong team leader and also be able to team work.
  • Fluent in Communicating in bahasa Indonesia , both in writting and orally
  • Max. 45 years Old
  • Ready to work under pressure environment.
  • Understanding of efficiency, effectively, and cost reducing.
  • Available to work in Indonesia.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
Jakarta Raya

  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical /Electrical/ Mechanical/ Civil Engineering
  • Have a good communication, strong team leader and also be able to team work.
  • Having A related experience
  • Fluency English, speaking & writing.
  • Max. 35 years Old
  • Ready to work in under pressure environment.
  • Available to work in All Indonesia area.
  • Understanding ISO 9011 : 2008 , in Planning, auditing and system development
  • Certified of Welding Inspector, Radiograph and code & standart of Pipeline

Safety, Health & Eviroment ofiicer/ Spv
Jakarta Raya

  • D3 or Bachelor Degree in Sarjana Kesehatan Masyarakat ( SKH) / Chemical /Electrical/ Mechanical/ Civil Engineering
  • Maximum age 35, preferred a man
  • Minimum experienced 5 (five) years in field of SHE/K3 on Oil and Gas Industry/Petrochemical Industry
  • Familiar with Oil & Gas Standard (MIGAS, SII, API, NFPA, ANSI)
  • Have the abilityin SHE Management System, the preparation of SHE Management Plan and operational of safety in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Familiarwith the ISO-9001 & OHSA-18001 System, the concept of hazard analysis and handling and investigative techniques in cases of occupational injuries
  • Able to speak English, oral and written
  • Preferredcandidate with experience in the areas of safety process:
  • Establish SHE Management Plan and monitor the daily implementation of plan in all projects of company.
  • Monitor the situation and condition of safety performance in all projects of company
  • Inspector and investigator of all occurrences where SHE matter inflict in loss to project/company
  • Review, revise and reform the safety management system as necessary
  • Supervise and maintain the safety administration system done by safety administrator and monitor internal safety data collection
  • Review and revise the safety procedure, work instruction, manual and other documents
  • Assist and ensure that Site Safety Supervisor/Site Safety Inspector for new project assignment already prepare their short and medium period SHE work program, site regulation, procedure, and safety equipment planning as project requirement
  • Ensure that all records, analysis and report about any substandard finding of inspection by site safety section are followed up with quick response by suggestion or recommendation to the site
  • Whenever the response in item above is still need more action, then analysis of their data will be given in Corrective Improvement Action Plan format
  • Accident-incident investigation and generate report as part of Corrective Improvement Action Plan
  • Monitor the implementation of training needs analysis (Training Matrix) on sites
  • Follow up the training needs analysis (Training Matrix) into training plan program both internal and external
  • Continuously guides, trains and direct coach (on the job) to all safety personal at sites
  • Certificate:
  • AK3 Umum Certificate for SHE Manager
  • AK3 Konstruksi Certificate for SHE Supervisor
  • AK3 Migas Certificate

If you are the one who we are looking for, please sent your:

  1. Complete CV (signed in last of resume).
  2. Certificates.
  3. Expected Salary

Should you meet the requirement, please send your resume to:

PT. WIJAYA KARYA ( Persero) Tbk.
Jln. D.1 Panjaitan Kav 9 Jakarta 13340, Indonesia
Phone.     +62 21 8508650       ext 1601
Email : or


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