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Indonesia Eximbank is a special institution (sui generis) which is not adhere to the laws and regulations on banking, State Owned Enterprise, financing institution or financing company, and insurance business.
The role of Indonesia Eximbank is to support national export programs through National Export Financing.
The scope of work of the Indonesia Eximbank in facilitating National Export Financing extends from financing to guarantee and insurance. Indonesia Eximbank can provide its National Export Financing under the frameworks of both conventional financing or sharia-based financing.
As a Government agent, Indonesia Eximbank is charged with the responsibility to counseling and consultation services to Banks, Financial Institutions, Exporters, export goods producers, especially micro-scale, small-scale, medium-scale enterprises and cooperatives.
If you’re challenged to join our Institution who believes in the future best opportunities, simply complete the following application form.  We will review your resume and if you meet the requirements, we will surely invite you to attend our selection process.


 -  Bank Ekspor Indonesia (BEI) was established as a Public Bank by virtue of Government Regulation (PP) Number 37/1999

 -  The Government’s commitment to establish LPEI (Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia/Indonesia Export Financing Institution) by virtue of the law, as referred to in item 98 of the Letter of Intent of Indonesia and the IMF, dated 20 January 2000.
 -  The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia proposed for permission to initiate the Bill on LPEI on 10 April 2000.
 -  The President issued the Initiation Approval on 5 June 2000.
 -  The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia formed the Inter Ministerial Committee (PAD) to be responsible for the drafting of the Bill on LPEI on 2 October 2000.  

 -  Deliberation of the LPEI Bill by the PAD Team.

 -  The meeting to finalize the LPEI Bill by the PAD Team on 19 October 2006.
 -  Harmonization of the LPEI Bill from 8 to 10 December 2006.

 -  The Presidential Letter introducing the Bill on LPEI  was signed on 11 June 2007.
 -  The Bill on LPEI was declared as a Priority Bill at the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) on 25 September 2007.
 -  The Plenary Session of the DPR-RI on 13 October 2007 agreed that the LPEI Bill be presented and deliberated at the meetings in 2008
 -  Presentation of the Government Explanation introducing the LPEI Bill before the meeting of the Special Committee (Pansus) for the LPEI Bill on 17 January 2008.
 - 10 fractions of the DPR-RI stated their approval to deliberate the LPEI Bill on 31 January 2008.
 -  The General Hearing (RDPU) between the Special Committee and various parties involved was held from March to June 2008.
 - Formation of the Working Committee (Panja) for the LPEI Bill in July 2008.
 - Deliberation of the LPEI Bill by the Working Committee was held from July to December 2008.
 - Deliberation of the LPEI Bill by the Formulating Team (Timus) and the Synchronizing Team (Timsin) was held in December 2008.
 - The Deliberation Board (Bamus) of the DPR-RI on 4 December 2008 stated that the Bill on the Indonesian Export Financing Institution (LPEI) had been placed on the agenda for deliberation at the Second Level Deliberation/Decision Making at the Plenary Session of the DPR-RI on 16 December 2008.
 - First Level Decision Making (Mini Fraction View) was held on 15 December 2008.
 - The DPR-RI accepted the LPEI Bill as the Act on LPEI on 16 December 2008.

 - Passing of the Act of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2/2009 on Indonesian Export Financing Institution on 12 January 2009.
 - Announcement of the Operationalization of Indonesia Eximbank by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia on 1 September 2009.
 - Inauguration of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia and handing over of the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors concurrently holding the position of the Executive Director, from Mahendra Siregar to I Made Gde Erata on 6 January 2010.


·Buyer’s credit
·Export Investment Loan
·Export Working Capital Loan
·Issuance of Import L/C
·Issuance of Standby Letter of Credit SBLC
·Export Bills or Receiveables Discounting
·Trust Receipt
·Warehouse Receipt Financing
b.Islamic Banking
*Syariah Debt Shifting (Hawalah bil Ujrah)
*Syariah Export Investment Financing
* Syariah-Based Import L/C Financing
*Syariah Export Working Capital Financing

a.Export Working Capital Loan
The Export Working Capital Credit Guarantee (KMKE) is the financing facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank (as the Guarantor) for the Public Bank (as the Guaranteed) for the risk of non-fulfillment of the financial obligation of the Exporter that receives the KMKE from the Public Bank.
b.      Import L/C Guarantee
The Import L/C Guarantee Facility is the facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank in the form of guarantee (Confirmation) for the L/C issued by another Bank at the request of the Customer/Exporter for the procurement of raw materials or spare parts (including machinery) in the framework of the goods and services export activities.

This product provides protection for Indonesian Exporters and Indonesian investors overseas against any possible losses due to any commercial or political risks.

4. Advisory
a.Technical Assistance
The type of Consultation Services provided by the LPEI in the framework of assistance in handling the transactions by the stakeholders for the results of the Training received from the LPEI/other parties if the candidates have adequate basic knowledge but still need assistance in carrying out the International Trade, Financial Administration transactions and handling of the Financing, Security and Insurance transactions. The Technical Assistance may also be provided in the form of other services outside LPEI’s competence, such as quality improvement of the products, product processing, packaging and marketing performed in cooperation with the relevant ministries/offices/institutions.
b.Capacity Building
The types of Consultation Services provided by the LPEI in the framework of improving the Capacity Building for the export regulators, agents and supporting sectors are in the form of training and guidance, particularly in connection with the Regulations in the International Trade and Export Financing, and the rendering of information for the potential buyers overseas.

open the opportunity for the best Indonesian youth who has high integrity, perseverance, and qualified to join :


Position Requirements
Fresh graduates or having maximum 2 years working experience.
Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree from reputable university (national or foreign university).
Graduates from:
a. Economic Faculty, preferably Accountancy and Management major;
b. Engineering Faculty, preferably Information Technology and Industrial Engineering major;
c. Other major may apply
Minimum GPA 2.75 for state university, and 3.00 for private university or equals with 3.00 (from 4.00 scale) for foreign university.
Single, with maximum age 25 (fresh graduates) or 27 (experience candidates).

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for further process

For interested, please apply by online at following :



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