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PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry is one of the leading ice cream company in Indonesia which was established in early 1970. Pranoto family is starting to pioneer the manufacture of ice cream is simply in the garage of their home in Surabaya.
The first ten years 1970 to 1980 period is a period of effort at which time the ice cream has not been as popular as it is today. Still remains the same location began making ice cream using a simple machine specially imported from Italy. As the pace of business development, in 1985 all operations moved to a location in the prestigious industry Rungkut Surabaya Industrial Estate.

In 1994 the family Sabana Prawirawidjaja as the owner of PT. Ultrajaya Milk Ind. Participate in the ownership of shares and in this year also was the beginning of efforts towards the development of modern industry. Historic moment occurred in the same year with a name change of the CV. Pranoto Pancajaya into PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry, and a year later made to strengthen the internal consolidation of marketing and sales division ranks as the spearhead of the company. In line with business developments that occurred, in 1998 made factory renovation and addition of modern machinery to support production activities.

Now a long trip with a series of obstacles and challenges have led PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry to be one of the largest ice cream manufacturer and provider in Indonesia.


Ice cream products and frozen foods from the PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry enjoyed by its customers, generated after exceeding a series of production processes that use high quality raw materials, labor done by the educated and have gone through rigorous quality tests that are always presented with a good product.
In the midst of tight competition in the frozen food industry and the emergence of actors that a new market, making the PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry, especially the division of research and product development is constantly innovating to create new brands and new packaging issue with an interesting visualization for product size and Mini Family Pack.

To maintain a harmonious relationship with its customers and partners, PT. Ice Cream Industry Campina has an annual agenda of both promotional activities, community service and cooperate with government agencies and community organizations to periodically conduct promotional activities and meetings in various regions of the country.

Support the customer, business partners and society at large makes PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry as one of the leading ice cream company, which until now remained to consolidate in order to produce the products according to market demand and production capability menungkatkan demand continues to increase.

Vision and Mission

In the midst of the country's economy is still uncertain plus the development of an unfavorable political situation, there are things that still gives hope that the industrialized world by 2003 Indonesia will experience an encouraging development, says the predictions of economists Indonesia.
Entering the millennium, the Board of Directors of PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry has set a corporate vision for the future is:

"Making the PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry as one of the manufacturers of ice cream and frozen foods are best and largest in Indonesia to always put customer satisfaction and employee shares, and uphold the principles of business-friendly environment ".

Starting from this vision that has been established, all levels of staff, employees and Directors. Campina Ice Cream Industry set to close ranks next step in the conduct of the Company's mission is:

"It has a high sensitivity to always oriented to the market and customers, optimize resources and assets throughout the enterprise to provide more value as a form of accountability to shareholders and run the business with respect to the natural environment and surrounding communities"


Location: Surabaya

  • Men - Women
  • Age max. 28 Years
  • S1 Accounting / S1 Information Engineering from reputable university
  • Minimum 1 year experience in same field (GPA ≥ 3.00)
  • Fresh graduate with academic achievement above average be allowed to apply (GPA ≥ 3.20)
  • Willing to be placed in Surabaya





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