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Located in Bandung, West Java with 695 employees (on March 2009), PT. INTI (Indonesian Telecommunication Industry) has involved in telecommunication business for 35 years. INTI main customers includes "The Big Four" Indonesian telecommunication operators; Telkom, Indosat, Telkomsel and XL.

Since the growth of convergence technology trends between telecommunication technology and information technology (IT), INTI has transformed it business orientation from pure manufacturing based industry to be system solution based industry, especially in the information and communication system and technology integration area.

At the last two years INTI gives the solution for fix and celullar network and developes new products such as IP PBX, NMS (Network Management System), SLIMS (Subscriber Line Management System), NGN Server, VMS (Video Messaging System), GPA (General Purpose Agent, SNMP based control and monnitoring tools), Interface Monitoring System for CDMA network and Disaster Forecasting and Warning System.

In 2009, PT. INTI look for the new business chance in IT industry, includes the opportunity to deliver one of Indonesia biggest dream and challenge, the cheap notebook. And this is a big challenge for INTI.

Now PT Inti is opening opportunities for young workers that energetic, has a soul of leadership, and willing to join the advance in a career as a formidable team in an effort to meet customer needs.

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Available Position

Management Trainee

Education Requirements :

  1. S1 Majoring in Telecommunication Engineering / Electrical Engineering
  2. D3/S1 Majoring in Telecommunications / Electrical
  3. S1 Majoring in Electrical Engineering Department of Energy
  4. S1 Majoring in Electrical Engineering Department of Hardware / Electronics
  5. S1 Majoring in Electrical Engineering specialization in Real-Time Software
  6. S1 Majoring in Informatics Engineering
  7. S1 Majoring in Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering
  8. S1 Majoring in Industrial Engineering.
  9. S1 Majoring in  Management / Industrial Engineering / Telecommunications Management specialization in HR



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