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Agriculture Products
Caterpillar introduced the Challenger range of agricultural tractors as the result of several development programs over a long period of time. The program started in the 1970s and involved both D6-based units and Grader power units. A parallel program was also developing wheeled high hp tractors based on using the articulated loading shovel chassis was latter merged with the crawler team. The result was the Challenger Tractor and the "Mobi-Trac" system.
The Challenger has been marketed in Europe as Claas machines since 1997, with Caterpillar marketing the Claas built Lexion combine range in the USA. Claas and Caterpillar formed a joint venture, Claas Omaha, to build combine harvesters in Omaha, Nebraska, USA under the CAT brand. In 2002, Cat sold its stake to Claas, and licensed the use of CAT and the CAT yellow livery to Claas. They are marketed as Lexion combines now.

Caterpillar products and components are manufactured 110 facilities worldwide. 51 plants are located in the United States and 59 overseas plants are located in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the People's Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden.
Caterpillar's historical manufacturing home is in Peoria, Illinois, which is also the location of Caterpillar's world headquarters and core research and development activities. Although Caterpillar has contracted much of its local parts production and warehousing to third parties, Caterpillar still has four major plants in the Peoria area: the Mapleton Foundry, where diesel engine blocks and other large parts are cast; the East Peoria factory, which has assembled Caterpillar tractors for over 70 years; the Mossville engine plant, built after World War II; and the Morton parts facility.

Product distribution
Caterpillar products are distributed to end-users in nearly 200 countries through Caterpillar's worldwide network of 220 dealers. Caterpillar's dealers are independently owned and operated businesses with exclusive geographical territories. Dealers provide sales, maintenance and repair services, rental equipment, and parts distribution. Finning, a dealer based in British Columbia, Canada, is Caterpillar's largest global distributor.[citation needed]
Most dealers use a management system called Lawson for their day to day operations.
As of the first quarter of 2006, 66% of Caterpillars sales are made by one of the 63 dealers in the United States, with the remaining 44% sold by one Caterpillar's 157 overseas dealers.

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Available Position

Supply Chain Planning Engineer
Position Requirements

  • Male or female, age between 25 - 30 years old
  • Bachelor Degree, preferably in Supply Chain and/or Logistics Management or Industrial Engineering, from reputable university
  • GPA min. 2.8 (scale of 4)
  • Experience with the CPS RIW and Value Stream Transformation process
  • Minimum of ten years of progressively responsible supply chain job experience
  • Previous experience as a Supply Chain Planning Engineer desired
  • A background in Supply Chain, Manufacturing/ Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Inventory Management, Material Requirements Planning, Demand Management and/or Logistics is highly desired

Cost Accountant
Position Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting with minimum GPA of 3.00
  • CPA/CMA certification
  • 2-4 years manufacturing experience supporting inventory and product costing
  • Should have a strong knowledge and experience in an SAP environment
  • Strong knowledge of business process, systems and controls
  • Must demonstrate initiative, leadership, good judgement and the ability to effectively communicate and strong analytical thingking
  • Fluent in written and oral communication in English language and Bahasa
  • Excel, Word, Power Point expertise

Manufacturing Engineering
Position Requirements

  • Male or female, age between 25 - 30 years old
  • Prefer background education S1 from Industrial/ Mechanical/ Metallurgy Engineering with GPA min. 2.8 from reputable university
  • At least 3 years of experience at the same field
  • Position Responsibilities
  • To provide expertise in specific areas of the manufacturing process to ensure the most efficient and cost effective manufacture of product.
  • Placement : Jawa Barat

EHS (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • Minimum education S1, major in Environment Engineering
  • Demonstrated knowledge of safety requirements and OSHA regulations

Position Responsibilities

  • Establish facility safety policies, safe job procedures and risk assessments
  • Prepares or reviews EHS training materials
  • Investigates and establishes standards for protective equipment
  • Manages the industrial hygiene program
  • Generates and/or reviews of reports for environmental and safety agencies

SUPPLY CHAIN (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • Minimum education S1, major in Industrial or Mechanical Engineering
  • Demonstrated knowledge on MRP System
  • Demonstrated knowledge on Quality tools and problem solving technique

Position Responsibilities

  • Establish purchasing policies, supplier evaluation and supplier certification
  • Ensures supplier base management techniques are employed to enable a reliable supplier family capable of meeting plant needs, both present and future

ENGINEER (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • Minimum education D3, preferably S1, major in Industrial or Mechanical Engineering
  • Have good knowledge to read and interpret engineering drawing
  • Must have good mastery of Pro-E Wildfire-3D Modeling Software

Position Responsibilities

  • Prepares documents to support shop floor activities
  • Designs M&E, tooling and fixture for welding, machining & assembly
  • Delivers new product introduction & operational excellence (6 Sigma & Production System)
  • Develops failure analysis and process control to improve quality and

BUYER (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • Minimum education D3, preferably S1, major in Industrial or Mechanical Engineering
  • Demonstrated knowledge on MRP System
  • Position Responsibilities
  • Accountable for production material availability
  • Responsible for managing policies, agreements, purchasing programs and supporting new product introduction programs
  • Manage day-to-day supplier performance, communication & relationship

HUMAN RESOURCES (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • University degree in human resources or related discipline In addition, 3-4 years human resources related experience are typically required
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality Customer-service oriented and responsive

Position Responsibilities

  • To assist in the administration of various human resource services
  • Recruiting needs/planning
  • Liaise with Regional and Corporate Human Resources
  • Interact and counsel all levels of employees, to assist and resolve a wide variety of personnel issues

ACCOUNTING (Location: Batam)
Position Requirements

  • Minimum education D3, preferably S1, major in Accounting
  • Demonstrated knowledge on SAP System

Position Responsibilities

  • Performing staff level accounting functions that support the finance department
  • Responsible for general reporting and corporate legal entity and profit center reporting.
  • Preparation of reporting, journal entries, inventory reports, cash flow reports and bank reconciliation



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