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The lateritic nickel deposits in Sorowako, formed through the corrosion of ultramaphic stone, are spread out in the largest single exposure – an area of more than 120 km x 60 km – in the world. There are also a number of other deposits in Central and Southeast Sulawesi.

Pt Inco's nickel mining operation in Sorowako is classified as open pit/cast mining involving the following steps:

at a spacing of 25-50 meters in order to take samples of rocks and soil in order to determine the amount of nickel to be found in the area.

Clearing and Stripping
of topsoil to a depth of 10-20 meters, with the soil being disposed of in a specified area or used to fill in and cover a former mining site.

of the layer of nickel ore measuring to depths of 5-10 meters, and the transporting of the ore to the screening station.

the ore is screened and classified by size at the screening station. The final product of the screening for Eastern type ore measures -6 inches, while the final product for Western type ore measures -4/-2 inches.

the screened/sorted ore is stored in a specified area in order to reduce the level of water content naturally, before the ore is further processed -- drying and re-screening – in the plant.

of former mining sites. In the case of the open cast mining methods now employed, in which materials from new mining sites are transported and disposed of at former mining sites, the follow-up steps include landscaping, the placement of layers of planting soil, terracing, and the development of drainage systems before the revegetating or replanting begins.

Inco is Indonesia’s leading producer of nickel in matte. Our 3,000 employees can be found in operations, from Sorowako and Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, South Sulawesi to Jakarta. Their jobs touch every aspect of the nickel business – including research and development, exploration, mining and processing, and overseas marketing. They are united by a common goal: to make PT Inco the lowest cost and most profitable producer of nickel.

With abundant ore reserves in the continent, our strategy for the next five years is focused on continuing growth. But growth is just part of the story. Here are other reasons why now is the time to consider a career with PT Inco:

Leaders in innovation
Technical innovation has been key to PT Inco’s success for thirty years. Today Inco people are leading technological changes in our industry – in mining automation, new product development and new technologies to significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of ore processing.

A dynamic workplace
We are transforming our workplace to give every employee the chance to be fully engaged in our business and enjoy the rewards that come as a result. We’ve made a major investment in educating every employee in the “business of our business” so they understand their part in it.

Competitive salaries, excellent benefits
Our salaries are competitive with the industry and our benefits are beneficial, including a non-contributory pension plan and a very attractive health care package.

Career development
We want our employees to grow with us. Given our projected growth, we see unprecedented leadership opportunities at PT Inco in the coming years. We have made leadership development a top priority and are launching innovative new programs to assist employees in managing their careers so they can reach their highest potential at PT Inco.

With a solid asset base and enviable growth prospects, we’re poised to expand into some exciting new areas. If you are looking for a career that offers challenge, the potential to grow, and the opportunity to help re-define what a great resource company can be, we invite you to take a look at PT Inco.

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Available Position

Fully integrated nickel mining and processing company located in Sorowako, South Sulawesi, is looking for highly motivated and qualified professional to fill the following position:

Projects Budget & Finance Specialist (Code:PBFS-N)
Position Requirements

  • Technical Specialization
  • Knowledge in corporate governance principles and practices, strategic planning, cash flow management, business development, accounting principles and reports, Sox, project evaluation, budgeting process, corporate systems, listed company regulations, tax principles and planning.
  • The professional should be self confident, proactive, independent, result oriented, long term viewer, and good communicator. He/she should have strong leadership and interpersonal relation skills.
  • Possess good interpersonal skill, influencing others, highly motivated, leadership and communication skills
  • Possess English communication skill – fluent in both written and spoken

Minimum Education & Experience

  • Mandatory, Master Degree in Finance or Business Administration .
  • Mandatory, Possessing Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Professional Accountant  (CPA) from reputable institute.
  • Mandatory, Minimum 10 to 15 years experience in Finance and Accounting.

Position Responsibilities

  • Purpose of the Role
  • This position is accountable to provide leadership in projects budget control, analysis, forecast based on the strategy of the company and projects plan and physical progress. He will be working to integrate projects budget and execution with the financial evaluation of the projects, procurement, control and treasury.


  • Contribute to the achievement of the company’s business objectives by supporting the Projects and Operations department from an accounting point of view;
  • Lead budget and costs management related to growth and sustaining projects in the Financial Department;
  • Evaluate and validate budget proposals and reviews according to PTI’s strategy and plans;
  • Develop System control and budget together with projects team in order to be integrated in the SAP;
  • Develop necessary policies and procedures to ensure proper management control;
  • Follow-up physical progress, budget commitment and expenditures;
  • Follow-up requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, down payments, invoices and payments.
  • Management of projects budget funds;
  • Provide all necessary support and information to Projects and Operations Departments;
  • Prepare and review financial reports and cash forecast according to physical progress;.
  • Implement a new workflow process to achieve a high performance in a permanent basis;
  • Provide general support for the CFO and Financial department working as a technical advisor and preparing specific reports and analysis as requested;
  • Work together in the financial reports with the comptroller, IR officer and CFO and provide necessary information and guidance;



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