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Genichi said, "I believe that the most important thing when building a product is to always keep in mind the standpoint of the people who will use it." An example of the commitment to "walking in the customers' shoes" was the move in 1966 by Yamaha to continue its expansion. Overseas motorcycle manufacturing was established in Thailand and Mexico. In 1968, the globalization continued with Brazil and the Netherlands. With manufacturing bases, distributors and R&D operations in a market, Yamaha could be involved in grassroots efforts to build products that truly met the needs of each market by respecting and valuing the distinct national sensibilities and customs of each country. Yamaha continues that tradition, today.

By the late 1960s, Yamaha had quality products that had proven themselves in the global marketplace based on superior performance and innovation. Distribution and product diversity were on the right track. But Genichi knew that beyond quality, success would demand more. He had this view on the power of original ideas. "In the future, a company's future will hinge on ideas over and above quality. Products that have no character, nothing unique about them, will not sell no matter how well made or affordable…and that would spell doom for any company."

He also knew that forward vision, walking hand in hand with original ideas, would create an opportunity for the company and its customers that could mean years of happiness and memorable experiences. Genichi said, "In the business world today, so many people are obsessed with figures. They become fixated on the numbers of the minute and without them are too afraid to do any real work. But in fact, every situation is in flux from moment to moment, developing with a natural flow. Unless one reads that flow, it is impossible to start out in a new field of business."
A real-world illustration of this belief is the Yamaha DT-1. The world's first true off-road motorcycle debuted in 1968 to create an entirely new genre we know today as trail bikes. The DT-1 made a huge impact on motorcycling in the USA because it was truly dirt worthy. Yamaha definitely "read the flow" when it produced

the 250cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, Enduro that put Yamaha On/Off-Road motorcycles on the map in the USA. The DT-1 exemplified the power of original ideas, forward vision, and quick action coupled with keeping in mind the customers' desires.

In years to come Yamaha continued to grow (and continues to this day). Diversity increased with the addition of products including snowmobiles, race kart engines, generators, scooters, ATVs, personal watercraft and more.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Development of design and set up marketing network (dealers, garages and spare part shops)


  • Male, age maximum 27 years
  • S1 Education majoring in Architectural Engineering / Civil Engineering
  • Have good analytical skills
  • Mastering AutoCAD & Ms applications. Office (MS.Word, Ms.Excel and Power Point)
  • Have good communication skills and master a foreign language

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Handles the administration, management and maintenance of data


  • Female, age max. 25 years
  • D3/S1 Accounting Education
  • Mastering MS. Office (MS.Word. And Ms. Excel)
  • Honest, conscientious and trustworthy

Visit our website at www.yamaha-motor.co.id (YMKI career column) to download an application form job application, then submit the form that has been completed along with a resume, recent photograph, and other support files no later than 10 days after this ad loaded onto the title "Application_ (application code)" or to the address:

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