Ceria Job Vacancy (Sampoerna Telekomunikasi)

Since the beginning of 2006 Ceria has been available in Indonesia, under the auspices of PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia, to provide high-quality telecommunication services and  products that are affordable for all levels of community. PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia is a member of Sampoerna Strategic Group

PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (STI) is a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mobile cellular network provider with a national coverage operating at frequency band of 450.00-457.50 MHz and 460.00-467.50 MHz. Under its license, STI may among others provide voice and non-voice service and provide access to multimedia services by joint project with a multimedia provider.

To provide high-quality telecommunication services that are affordable for all levels of community, Ceria was launched at the beginning of 2006. With the CDMA technology, Ceria can cover a wider area so as to provide telecommunication services from the smallest rural to urban areas.

When all the others can’t, with Ceria everything is possible. Because Ceria can reach outlying areas where signals are hard to get.

Ceria has operated in hundreds of regencies in 11 provinces such as Riau, Jambi, South Sumatera, Lampung, West Java, Central Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali and Lombok. Ceria will soon develop and broaden its coverage in the whole of Indonesia Archipelago

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If you meet the above criteria please send resume via email:

For Jakarta Area: Guslan.sunu @ sampoernatelekom.com
For Bandung Area: Djakaria.yahya @ sampoernatelekom.com
For Surabaya Area: nadhif.soliki @ sampoernatelekom.com

Available Position


  • Male / female, age: 25-35 years
  • Education min D3
  • Experience min 1 year
  • Have much relation to private companies or Government Agency
  • Ready to work in the target
  • Can communicate well, smart look at opportunities, hardworking, motivated high
  • Having the ability Leadership & Presentation on Channel Institutions
  • Mastering computer ms office
  • Having a sim C / A, as well as having their own vehicle
  • Domicile: Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya



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