Berau Coal Job Vacancy

Our Operation
The coal deposit are exponentially mined using conventional open pit-mining methods utilizing trucks, excavators, loaders and bulldozers for both overburden removal and coal mining methods and are transported by barge from all three coal loading terminals to the transshipment location.
Each mine location has separate mining contractors under the strict supervision of the Company.

Lati Area
From the Lati mine the coal is blended to produce the brands of Agathis and Sungkai.
Total mineable coal reserves delineated in Lati to-date are in excess of 745 million tonnes.
The coal is extracted using hydraulic excavators and loaded into dump trucks. From the mine it is transported over an all weather haul road, a distance of some 11 kilometres to the coal processing plant. The coal is crushed blended and placed onto stockpiles. It is then loaded into barges.

Binungan Area
From the binungan mine the coal is blended to produce the brands of Eboy and Mahoni/Mahoni-B.
Total mineable coal reserves delineated to-date in Binungan Blocks 1-4, Block 5, 6 & 7 are in excess of 300 million tonnes.
Mining is similar to that of Lati. From the mine the coal is transported to the curshing plan a distance of some 2.5 kilometres
The coal is curshed, blended and loaded into trucks. From there it is transported over on all weather road, a distance of 28 kilometres, to the Suaran coal terminal where it is blended into the product stockpile. It is then loaded into barges.

From the Samabarata mine the coal is blended to produce the brand of Ebony.
Total mineable coal reserves delineated to-date in Sambarata are in excess of 190 million tonnes.
Mining is similar to that of Lati and Binungan.
From the mine coal is transported to the coal processing plant a distance of some 2.0 kilometres. The coal is crushed blended and placed onto stockpiles. It is theen loaded into barges.
We are one of the largest and fast growing coal mining company having our operation in East-Kalimantan. We are seeking for suitably qualified and professional candidates for the following positions:

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Available Position


  • Performing financial, operational, system and process audits of the company’s business units and outsourced operations.
  • Responsible for executing and completing audit fieldwork according to established schedule.
  • Recommending internal control improvements that may include operational enhancements or efficiencies, and contribute in the preparation of audit reports as well as documenting controls.
  • Develop a thorough understanding and knowledge base of company’s operations.
  • Establish effective business relationships within the company and assist management in the understanding and adaptation of internal control principles.
  • Be a team player and embrace the company’s compliance principles as a key component of audit process
  • Execute an efficient and effective audit approach as defined by internal audit management and ensure that all assigned work is completed according to schedule and within the establish budget parameters.
  • Document and actively participate in the development of audit procedures performed as well as the preparation of noted concerns for audit report inclusion.
  • Be computer literate and have experience in the preparation and analysis of audit data through computer aided audit tools ( ACL, spreadsheets , database tools )
  • Maintain a current knowledge base of audit industry practices and to ensure best practices as always considered. Performed all assigned audit duties in manner that reflects the highest professional standards and complies with the guidelines of the Institute of Internal Auditors.


  • Requires Degree in Accounting, Finance, or any related field
  • Big 4 Background
  • CPA, CIA or Chartered Accountancy is highly desirable
  • Minimum of 2-3 solid years of experience in Audit (external or internal)

Mine Engineer
Responsible for designing short term mine plan and supervising mining production activity.

Requirements :

  • Maximum 30 years old.
  • Bachelor degree from Mining Engineering.
  • POP certified would be an advantage.
  • Minimum 2 years experience at similar position.
  • Have  strong leadership, good inter-personal and communication skills.
  • Will be relocate to Berau.

Emergency Respond Group Supervisor
The appointee will be reporting to Chief ERG and responsible to be an Incident Commander to lead and supervise rescue operation on the area under his/her responsibility and also maintaining the group and the emergency devices/tools readiness.

1.Must be hold of bachelor degree with minimum GPA 2.75
2.are between 25 – 40 years old.
3.are English & Computer literate.
4.Have had any previous experience to lead and manage rescue operation.
5.Have had any competencies of fire protection, fire rescue or other rescue operation, medical emergency treatment, administration and developing others.
6.Emergency/rescue rope technique competency is a must.
7.Navigation & mountaineering competencies would be an advantage.
8.Possess a strong leadership skill, interpersonal skill and  strong under pressure self control skill.
9.Possess a teaching skill would be an advantage.
10.   are eager and enthusiastic to explore the exquisite North-East Kalimantan



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