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PERTAMINA is a State Owned oil & gas company (National Oil Company), established on December 10, 1957 under the name PT PERMINA. In 1961 the company changed its name to PN PERMINA and after the merger with PN PERTAMIN in 1968 it became PN PERTAMINA. With the enactment of Law 8 of 1971 the company became PERTAMINA. This name persisted until after PERTAMINA changed its legal status to PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) on October 9, 2003.

PERTAMINA’s scope of business incorporates the upstream and downstream sectors. The upstream sector covers oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration and production both domestically and overseas. The foregoing is pursued through own operations and through partnerships in the form of joint operations with JOBs (Joint Operating Bodies), TACs (Technical Assistance Contracts) and JOCs (Joint Operating Contracts), whereas the downstream sector includes processing, marketing, trading and shipping. Commodities produced range from Fuel (BBM) and Non Fuel (Non BBM), LPG, LNG, petrochemicals to Lube Base oil.

With the enactment of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 22 of 2001 on November 23, 2001 relating to Oil and Gas, Law No. 8 of 1971 relating to the State Oil and Gas Mining Company was declared void. In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22 of 2001, PERTAMINA was transformed into a Public Liability Company (Persero) designated PT. PERTAMINA (PERSERO) under Government Regulation No. 31 of 2003. All existing PERTAMINA provisions including its structural organization, employment guidelines and procedures as well as other matters associated with its duties and responsibilities, unless such matters are in contravention of the said Government Regulation, are declared to continue in force until the Company provides otherwise.

PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) was established under Notarial Deed of Lanny Janis Ishak, SH No. 20 of September 17, 2003, and ratified by the Minister for Law & Human Rights under Decision No. C-24026 HT.01.01 on October 9, 2003. The above proceeded in accordance with the provisions set forth in Law No. 1 of 1995 relating to Limited Liability Companies, Government Regulation No. 12 of 1998 relating to Public Companies (Persero), and Government Regulation No. 45 of 2001 relating to Amendment to Government Regulation No. 12 of 1998.

Consistent with its deed of establishment, the objective of the PERSERO is to engage in oil and gas exploitation, domestically and overseas, as well as in other exploitation associated with or supporting oil and gas operations.

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Available Position

PA & Security Officer

• Carrying out maintenance of working relationships with Muspika (district leadership meetings) work area companies to create a good working relationship between the company and Muspika.
• Conduct communications and community development programs around the working area of ​​the company to maintain good relations with the community to support the smooth operation of the company.
• Create a public affairs reporting and documenting that all activities are well documented.
• Analyzes requests for assistance from communities and local governments in the region of the company, to be proposed to the management of the Jakarta office in accommodating assistance to communities and governments in the operating field.
• Monitor and analyze security issues in both developed internally and externally to prevent situations that might occur is not conducive.
• Coordinate and oversee security activities performed by third-party security officers to ensure the implementation of safeguards in accordance with company security procedures.
• Cooperating and building working relationships with state security forces to provide security against the activities of field operations.
• Create security report did not include incidents that occur and documenting them safe for use as input in improving the existing security system.

Position Requirements:
• D3 Mass Communication
• Training of oil and gas company's public relations
• negotiation skills
• Basic oil and gas for nonengineer
• Oil and gas companies in the field of public affairs 3 years

Reservoir Engineer

• Making and proposing field work activity program to maintain and increase area production.
• Count and reporting estimation of reserve oil and gas at new reservoir and existing one to predict how many reserve oil and gas remains.
• Estimate daily-monthly and annual oil production in order to achieve WP&B target and for oil shipment.
• Evaluate proposed project economically to determine the feasibility of wells drilling/development.
• Prepare ATD as proposal for well drilling exploration.
• Prepare AFE exploitation study and WP&B to get approval from BPMIGAS.
• Monitoring low production volume of well to be evaluated as reactivated well plan.
• Conduct research to unproductive wells to determine as water disposal well.

• Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Geology.
• Minimum 3 years experience in Engineering of oil and gas industry.
• Training in Reservoir.
• Training in Logging & Perforation technique.
• Case hole & down hole.

(Jakarta – Site)

• Generate sub-surface data including seismic data, date and time-estimation of soil layer in order to gather information regarding prospected location or reserved land.
• Optimally sub-surface image research to maximize production strategy.
• Compile all data and geological input such as sub-surface data, block sampling, wells condition, seismic data to be integrated with geophysicist software and analysis to find reserved oil and gas production.
• Interpret all integrated data geophysical to produce recommendation in management & stake-holders meeting to be considered in project feasibility.
• Supervise data sampling procedure in field to ensure that collected data is accurate.

• Bachelor degree in Geologist.
• Minimum 5 years experience in technical and managerial position of oil and gas industry.

Production Engineer
(Jakarta - Site)

• Monitoring wells production performance and analyze production accumulation in order to assess continuity of corporate business.
• Conduct surveillance evaluation from oil and gas extraction activity and following up development of wells to make the production went smooth.
• Analyze oil and gas concentration of each wells, provide technical consultation to produce potential condition of oil production and most economically to be sold.
• Supervise oil and gas exploration procedure in field to ensure they’re using the most efficient and effective method.

• Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Mechanical Engineering.
• Minimum 5 years experience in technical & managerial position of oil and gas industry.

Technical Interface Coordinator

• Co-ordinate project technical interfaces between multiple work packages/contractors, drilling and reservoir engineering to ensure: compliance with schedule, consistent design basis and data set, overall design consistency and integrity.
• To ensure a cost effective integration between different packages/contractors and between surface and subsurface facilities activities.
• Interface responsibility definition.
• Technical integrity of interfaces.
• Effective interface management and control including their relevant activities, facilitating the traceability of agreements and changes, if any.
• To assure technical cooperation in the team and with contractors in order to minimize technical and economical risks.
• Liaising with all technical managers in order to assure the alignment and consistency of technical designs.
• Assuring interface status reports (including progress status and identification of concerns and highlight areas).
• Managing meetings, as necessary, between different contractors in order to reduce technical and economical risks, negotiating the best resolution of interface discrepancy, if any.

• Bachelor degree relevant major.
• 10 extensive experience in the oil & gas industry.
• Several years of coordination activities in project team.

Completion Engineer

• Making database summary of completed drilling project for comparison data to the next drilling program/plan (Offset Well Data).
• Designing well and details of drilling program for a well construction project (onshore & offshore) including all technical/engineering plan, cost estimation, material purchase plan and drilling equipment (Well Construction Program).
• Preparing cost estimation proposal and technically presented the plan to BPMIGAS to get an approval for executing the project (AFE & WP&B).
• Searching and analyze necessary material & equipment to be applied in the drilling project and estimate risk & cost analyst (Technology Scouting).
• Analyze and plan optimalization well design, drilling & completion, and overall budget proposal from the drilling summary result made by Drilling Superintendent.
• Supervise HQ activity, assist Drilling Superintendent to conduct quality control process (QC) during drilling project.

• Bachelor Dgeree in Petroleum, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering.
• Minimum 3 -5 years experience in drilling of oil and gas operation.
• Certified in Drilling Engineering / Operation.
• Certified well control (IWCF - Surface / subsea stack).
• Certified in T-Bosiet (Sea Survival, HUET, Fire Fighting).

Contract Engineer
(Jakarta – Site)

• Develop and analyze subcontract documentation (interpretation of contract scope and terms and conditions).
• Provide advice and seek counsel on contractual, commercial, taxation, insurance and legal issues.
• Coordinate subcontracts development, compilation, sourcing, pre-tenders, invitation to tender, evaluations of proposals received including requests for qualifications.
• Post award coordination of Subcontract Variations, including evaluation of Subcontractor s claims and defending claims from Subcontractors.
• Participate in Subcontract audits, reviewing records for accuracy and conformance to standards.


• Bachelor Degree in Engineering any discipline.
• Minimum 10 years professional experience, 5 years Project Contracts experience in EPC projects will be an advantage.
• Certified BP Migas PTK 007 Rev-2 Certification in Supply Chain Management.
• Experience in contract formulation activities, systems and processes coupled with working knowledge of engineering, fabrication and construction practices.
• Good skills in Ms Word and Ms Excel.

Instrumentation Inspector
(Jakarta – Site)

• Responsible to QA/QC Coordinator for all construction activity related to Quality Assurance & Quality Control and Ensure that QC Contractor has conduct examination for all instrumentation equipment accord with the approved procedure.
• Responsible for all instrumentation equipment bought by EPC Contractor such as PSV and gas meter has passed the test in the factory and completed with validated document.
• Ensure fabricated gas meter has comply with the AFC Drawing and suit with ITP.
• Coordinate with QC Contractor for gas meter, instrumentation equipment and calibration any equipment related with gas meter.

• Bachelor degree in any major of Engineering.
• Minimum 10 years experience in field instrumentation Migas operation.
• Understand instrument engineering document/drawing : specification, data sheet, wiring/loop diagram, instalation/hook up, P & ID.
• Understand instrumentation testing procedure: calibration, leak test, continuity test, loop test, function test and SA (Surge Arrestor).
• Understand certification procedure including with Migas/BP Migas : metering, PSV.

Petro physicist
(Jakarta – Site)

• Plan well data acquisition programs in line with well and business objectives.
• Liaise and work with London BU (Business Unit)-based petrophysicist.
• Liaison with core, log and LWD data acquisition contractors, before and during acquisition and in post-well interpretation phase.
• Coordinate appropriate well-site witness work for specialist runs.
• Deliver post-well standard interpretation.
• Liaise with partners and Sonagol on petrophysical/core issues.
• Take a proactive role in the extended organisation and facilitate federal connectivity into the office.
• Aid the integrated full field reservoir description models which take full account of log, core and seismic data as well as dynamic pressure and water movement data.
• Manage core and fluid analysis programs at home country/UK-based labs.
• Populate and maintain corporate and project well databases.
• Be part of the team well planning effort.
• Become involved in surveillance petrophysics on project startup.
• Provide leadership in health, safety, and environment (HSE); this is an important and key requirement and focus for the individual.

• Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences or related discipline.
• 7 years experience in related job.
• Ability to promote open and effective communication.
• Propensity for undertaking tasks before being asked to or forced by events.
• Ability to coach others to help their development.
• Ability to work as part of a team.
• Authority to work on a full-time basis for anyone other than your current employer.
• Ability to facilitate and leverage knowledge transfer within and between the exploration, development and production business units.
• Ability to integrate a variety of data and information into an exceptional interpretation of the subsurface.
• Considerable relevant, post-graduate industry-related experience.
• Experience working within an operating company.
• Awareness of the impact of actions on individuals, community and the environment.
• Actively seeks know-how and best practices related to own area of contribution.
• Actively engages and respects contributions of others.
• Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them.
• Actively seeks know-how and opportunities from the external environment and applies them.
• English Fluency Required.

Drilling Superintendent
• Planning drilling operation activity with Risk assessment, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) & Completion Well On Paper (CWOP). (Risk & HSEQ Assessment).
• Making Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) with section head and operation engineer in order to achieve drilling target completely (Drilling Procedures, SIMOP procedures, Completion Procedures, well control procedures, dll).
• Conduct location survey/shore base for selecting material storage place also street location and transport option to facilitate drilling operation.
• Plan a well location with Drillings & WOWS Section Head in accordance with the operation, accommodate drilling activity or other construction activity in a future with concern in HSEQ aspect.
• Plan an equipment mobilization, supervise rig mobilization/demobilization acitivy and overall equipment to drilling location.
• Coordinate with supplier and drilling/completion services for material, equipment and personnel mobilization.
• Supervise drilling operation activity and coordination with Drilling Supervisor at the field 24 hours/7 days a week.
• Making closing report from drilling/completion project with all usage material data report and provide technical recommendation for field operation.

• Bachelor degree in Engineering (all major except Architecture and Industry).
• 15 years experience in drilling of oil and gas operation.
• Project Management Training.
• Certified in Drilling Engineering / Operation.
• Certified in Well Control (IWCF - Surface / subsea stack).
• Certified in T-Bosiet (Sea Survival, HUET, Fire Fighting).



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