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Komatsu publishes "KOMATSU'S WORLDWIDE CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT" and ensures all employees of Komatsu Group companies around the world understand how important it is to observe the Rules of the Business Community. Komatsu also created an organization to manage and lead its group-wide compliance activities for the Rules. By assigning this work to exclusive staff members, Komatsu is diligently improving the compliance program.

The Komatsu Group is committed to maximize its corporate value through pursuing "Quality and Reliability." We at Komatsu Group believe our corporate value is the total sum of trust given to us by society and all stakeholders. To enhance this trust, we need to not only improve our business results and the soundness and transparency of management, but also become a company which enjoys an even higher level of trust from society. Therefore, it is becoming ever more important for us to comply thoroughly with the Rules of the Business Community (the "Rules").
The Rules are not limited to laws and regulations applicable to our business activities. They also include those rules that are generally recognized and respected among business communities. Moreover, issues have been accumulating worldwide in recent years, such as concerns about earth environment and shortage of materials accompanied by increase in population. Under these circumstances, expectation for responsible actions by each company has been increased and, in order to obtain trust in society, it has become an important element that a company acts with recognition of its own "social responsibility."
This booklet, "KOMATSU'S WORLDWIDE CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT" (the "Code"), prescribes the Rules. As global corporate citizens, the top management and their employees of each Komatsu Group company around the world should carefully read, understand and abide by the Code.
On the other hand, Komatsu puts together and shares among the Komatsu Group "The KOMATSU Way." The KOMATSU Way prescribes what is to be passed on to the generations to come so that it will be duly inherited globally in our organization regardless of any change in its members. While "The KOMATSU Way" represents the sense of values and strength of Komatsu which all members of the Komatsu Group should inherit over generations, the "Code" is to responsibly implement such sense of values and strength as represented in The KOMATSU Way and to express its commitment to coexist with society as a good corporate citizen. The Code and The KOMATSU Way indicate what we should be and are both important guiding principles.
This is the eighth edition of the Code. We have regularly revised the contents since its establishment in 1998 in order to include the latest information in the Code, as we recognize that the rules and social requirements are constantly changing. Obviously, however, it is not possible to include all rules in this single booklet. Applicable rules and norms may differ from region to region or from country to country in the world. Therefore, when the Code is silent on some particular subject or when some rules or norms other than what is provided in the Code are relevant, the top management and managers of all Komatsu Group companies are expected to make sound and reasonable judgment in accordance with Komatsu Group's basic stance and principles provided in the Code.
"Five Principles of Compliance", distributed first in January 2006, summarizes what every employee of the Komatsu Group should abide by. Each and every employee of the Komatsu Group around the world, starting with top management, should always keep in mind the "Five Principles of Compliance" as well as Komatsu Group company's own social responsibility, follow the rules provided in the Code and carry out specific measures in all business activities in strict compliance with the Code.

Komatsu Indonesia is a well established heavy equipment manufacturer, provide heavy equipment both for domestic and export market.

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If you meet our qualifications, you may send your application, complete CV, supporting documents and recent photograph with the position code as the e-mail subject not latter than December 24, 2011 to:

Human Resource Development Recruitment
PT Komatsu Indonesia

Available Position

Foundry Junior Engineer (FDR-ENG)
Jakarta Raya

  • selected candidates will be in assigned to handle engineering matters in relation to our foundry plant operation and casting production.


  • Diploma Foundry  from reputable university with GPA not least than 2.75
  • Having experience in foundry area but fresh graduate are encourage to apply.
  • Computer literate, capability of 3D Drawing having solid understanding in material  and steel casting production an advantage.
  • Able to communicate in English

Tax Junior Staff [TAX - JST]
Jakarta Raya


  • selected candidates will be in assigned to handle tax administration as well as tax report.


  • Diploma of Tax or Accounting  from reputable university with GPA not least than 2.75.
  • Required skill(s): Certificate In Brevet A and Brevet B an advantage.
  • Have experience in handling tax related matters but  Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Computer literate.
  • Able to communicate in English.



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