Nusa Halmahera Minerals Job Vacancy

Mining Operation
a. Gosowong Mine
The Gosowong Gold Mine was an open put mine situated beside the Tabobo River, Halmahera Utara, Maluku Utara Province, encompassing a construction area 1.608ha. During 1999-2002, Gosowong gold mine produced 770,000 ounces of gold but has now closed.

b. Toguraci Mine
Toguraci Mine is located 2 km southwest of Gosowong Mine and was also an open pit mine. With 2.168ha construction area, Toguraci has produced 492.000 ounces of gold during 2004-2008 but has now also closed.
c. Kencana Underground Mine
Kencana Underground Mine is situated 1 km south of Gosowong mine with a construction area of 28.252ha. All current mining activity at Gosowong takes place within the Kencana underground mine by an Alliance between PT. NHM and PT. Byrnecut Indonesia. Current reserves are 2.5 million ones grading 29g/t gold for 2.3 million gold oz. To date mining of the K1 ore body has produced 0.79 Million oz of gold. Underhand cut and fill has been chosen as the underground mining method appropriate with ground and fill has been chosen as the underground mining method appropriate with ground and deposit conditions. There are 4 jumbo drills, 4 loaders and 5 trucks in operation underground to carry out the work required. NHM is committed to ensured transfer of knowledge and technology to the national workforce. In 2008, the production target is 549.000 tones which is increased from the previous year.
d. Kencana Mine Extension
Two addition deposits at Kencana are currently undergoing from the existing K1 mine. Named K2 and K Link the deposits are located 100 – 300m below surface. Constructions of a 1500m-long access tunnel will allow access and ore transport has commenced from K1. Production will commence in 2009
Our exploration group has discovered an accumulated resource of 5.000.000 Oz Au (Gosowong, Toguraci, and Kencana 1). Total exploration expenditure is USD 44.000.000 and this figure might reach as much as USD 50.000.000 by the end of 2010. the Contract of Work area is divided into 9 (nine) prospective BLOCKS: Gosowong Extended, Gosowong North, Tobobo, Ngoali, Matat, Toliwang, Barnabas, Gosowong West, and Kobok.
ORE Processing
Similar characteristic of Gosowong, Toguraci and Kencana ores enable us to use existing Process Plant (ex-Gosowong) for Kencana Underground ore processing, with additional Gravity Concentration circuit to accommodate the Gravity Recoverable Gold (GRG). The process plant has been also applied for some modifications to increase its ore processing capacity up to 400.000 tones ore per annum with the high grade ore supplies from mining. The Gosowong Gold Processing Plant which also produce silver as by product systematically consist of (1) Crushing, (2) Grinding, (3) Gravity Concentration, (4) conventional Cyanide Leach, (5) Counter Current Decantation, (6) Clarification, (7) Zinc Precipitation, (8) Calcining & Retorting, (9) Smelting, and (10) Detoxification.
Annual gold and silver production will be varies depend on the ore specifications as well as the ore grade. However, the process plant will be designed to have 360.000 oz Au and 230.000 oz Ag of production per annum with average to produce 320.000 oz Au and 200.000 oz Ag per annum.

Fresh Graduate Program

PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals is a gold mining and exploration company, operating a COW (Contract of Work) on Halmahera Island, North Maluku.  The company is a joint

venture between Newcrest Mining Limited (82.5%) and PT Aneka Tambang (17.5%).

The Company is attending to seek 9 (nine) Fresh Graduates from all universities in Indonesia, focusing on:

1. Environmental Science (ES)
2. Geology (Geo)
3. Mining Engineer (ME)
4. Metallurgy (Met)
5. Finance & Accounting (FA)
6. Electrical (EL)
7. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

• SI graduated from related discipline
• GPA mm 3.00 in a scale of 4
• Mustbegraduatedin20ll or2012
• English comprehension both oral and written
• Good Computer skills especially Microsoft Office Successfully pass the series of test (including Psychological Assessment)
• Willing to be bonded with two years contract and located at remote site
• Committed to Implement the 5 (five) Principles of the Newcrest Values i.e. “Work Together, Care about People, Honesty and Integrity, Innovation & Problem Solving, High Performance”

If you believe you have the required and knowledge to undertake these roles, please send the application and resume with code reference to the following address before 28 May 2012:
PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals



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