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PT. Cogindo DayaBersama (CDB) was officially established at 15 April 1998, headquartered in Jakarta, and started its operation in 1st July 1998. Since its establishment CDB has been growing to be a solid corporate and gaining high reputation and excellent track records in Indonesia electricity supply industry.

The sole share-holder of CDB is PT. Indonesia Power, a subsidiary of State Power Firm (PT. PLN), which is in charge in managing powers plants supplying Java and Bali Islands. This subsidiary is assigned to run the business of power plants and other interrelated. PT. Indonesia Power runs its operation through business units, namely Tanjung Priok, Suralaya, Saguling, Kamojang, Mrica, Semarang, Perak & Grati dan Bali. Through its 8 business unit, PT. Indonesia Power in total producing the supply of 8.327 Mega watts, becoming the first largest power supplier in Indonesia.

CDB has been significantly provided contribution in providing power to several areas and some companies who need a specific and stand-alone power supply. Amongst the companies and the areas are Bali Nirwana Resort, Pertamina Duri Unit, Riau Province, or a number of big cities such as Bandung and Jakarta.

Gaining lesson from its experience in providing support and maintenance, has in fact providing CDB with opportunity to stepping further in the power provider industry, to meet the power demand in Indonesia. In 2009, Cogindo started to build its own MFO fueled power plant, with the capacity of 44,6 Mega Watt di Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The Power plant construction completed early this year and was officially inaugurated in February 2010.

In the recent years, capability of CDB has been increasingly recognized by its holding company PT. Indonesia Power as well as PT. PLN. CDB, for instance, has been trusted to participate in operate and manage PLTU Labuan, a steam-powered 2x300 mega watts power plant.

The demand on power has been significantly increased in the last decade, confirming the assumption that power demand increase twice as much as economic growth. Using conservative assumption that Indonesia’s annual economic growth will stay at 4,5% in the next five years, result an estimate of 10% annual demand increase, a promising number for the power industries.

The massive development of large-scale power plants in the recent years, in response to power shortage throughout the country, has turned the power provider business into a promising industry that will in turn earn make positive contribution to the Indonesian Company.

Cogindo DayaBersama (CDB), is currently becoming an important part of Indonesia power industry. This achievement is gained through tireless hard works, high commitment, and also support from various parties. We are very proud of taking part to serve the nation’s demand for electricity.

Experiences, highly skilled and professional human resources are the ultimate tools required to manage the recently fast-growing and more complex power industry. CDB, has been well in place in gaining all lesson learnt from its experience to improve its human resources skills and to enhance its professionalism, to answer the future challenges in this industry.

With its ownerships over a medium-scale power plant located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, CDB is expected to continue maintaining and improving its existence in power provision industry. CDB has also gained the trust to manage the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) of several large-scale power plants such as PLTU Labuan and PLTU Suralaya.

CDB offers the following products and services :

Independent Power Provider (IPP)
To be reliabe power provider which service high quality power.

Maintenance and Operational Service
Supported by qualified and highly-skilled engineers in various fields including diesel, gas turbine, steam turbine, combined cycle, and hydro power plant, PT. Cogindo DayaBersama has been able to operate a power plant.

Power Plant Rental
CDB offer a fast and reliable solution to overcome energy supply shortage and midterm period, through renting mechanism of power generator machines. CDB has been very experienced in this regard, espectally in dealry with specifik immediate needs.

Engineering Services
CDB offers a comprehensive package of energy provision includes :
Power plant design in accordance with the customer’s need.
Power plant installation, to ensure the constructed power plant will meet the required conditions.

PT COGINDO DAYABERSAMA, subsidiary of PT. INDONESIA POWER specializing in energy cogeneration, operations and maintenance of Generators, is seeking for highly motivated candidates who are professional, have integrity, a team-player, customer-oriented for the following positions:

Now PT Cogindo is opening position for SMU Graduates to join at our company


  • Developing systems and procedures of Human Resources (Recruitment, Training and Development, Career Development, Performance Management, Compensation and benefits) Organizational Development, and corporate culture.

Requirements :

  • Ages not more than 35 years old.
  • Degree in Psychology / Management Human Resources Development with 4 years experience in Human Resources Development.
  • Degree in Master of Psychology / Management Human Resources Development with 2 years experience in Human Resources Development.
  • Understand developing system and procedures of Human Resources, Organizational Development.
  • Understand Human Resources Management, Man power planning, change management, and developing SOP techniques.
  • Analytical thinking and  problem solving.
  • Excellent in verbal & written communications skills, presentation skills & interpersonal skills.
  • High-energy personality, Good personality, Self-Confidence.
  • Able to travel extensively and at short notice

Please submit your application letter, CV and recent photograph not more than one week after the date of the advertisiment to : or
email subject :
" [ ODC - WEB ] - [your name ] - for ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT "



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