BNI Life Insurance Job Vacancy

As a provider of integrated services to all its customers the "One Stop Financial Service", on 28 November 1996, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. along with PT. BNI Life Insurance PT establishing a life insurance company. BNI BNI Life Insurance ("BNI BNI"). At the time of its establishment, BNI BNI has been providing life insurance products including Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Annuity and Pension.

Over time there have been changes to the composition of ownership shares of BNI BNI, where after a change in the composition of the stock, currently owned by PT majority ownership. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. In connection with the change of ownership of these shares, the name of PT BNI Life Insurance PT BNI BNI changed to Life Insurance ("BNI Life"). As a subsidiary of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. then in the event of a change in parent company logo, display BNI Life logo was changed in accordance with the provisions of the parent company.

Guided by Vision, Mission and Motto company, BNI Life always prioritize the best service to its customers. Currently BNI Life does not just deliver traditional products but also bring some other new products include severance insurance products and insurance products that combine protection with investment (unit-linked). In addition, to meet the needs of the market share of sharia, then on May 19, 2004 BNI Syariah Life forming unit which aims to provide and market products for the Islamic-based insurance.

It is expected all products conventional and Islamic products, as well as individual products or product bundles presented by BNI Life can meet diverse market needs.

After more than a decade of serving clients, the current BNI Life insurance products are marketed through insurance agents in 48 (forty eight) through 423 sales offices and Bancassurance Specialist stationed in BNI branch offices throughout Indonesia. Network BNI Life service will certainly continue to be extended for the convenience of its customers.

Share Holder

Ownership of PT. BNI Life Insurance consists of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. as the majority shareholder, Foundation Danar Swadharma Fund, Employee Welfare Foundation BNI, BNI Employee Welfare Foundation.

Until the end of December 31, 2009, total assets of BNI Life Insurance has reached more than Rp 1.59 trillion in premium income of more than Rp 1.045 trillion. Consistently and continuously PT BNI Life Insurance seeks to develop market share while maintaining a Risk Base Capital (RBC) in accordance with government regulations.

PT. BNI Life Insurance, known as BNI Life is a subsidiary of PT. Bank BNI (Persero) Tbk. which focus on providing services for both life insurance, health care, and retirement for both individuals and companies. BNI Life provides a variety of insurance products according to your needs ranging from mental protection, health protection, preparation of children's education costs, while saving up to invest the pension prepare your company and also help in realizing the welfare of their employees. Due to the rapid growth and our expansion, we are currently need outstanding individuals as :

Branch Manager
Bandung (West Java)

  • Minimum education S1
  • Experienced in the field of Insurance / Banking
  • Able to set up Team
  • Having a Personal Vehicle
  • Have leadership

Sales Manager
Bandung (West Java)

  • Recruit Training and Controlling Marketing Team Marketing Team Target Ensure Achievement Team


  • Minimal D3 or equivalent
  • Experience in the field of Life Insurance, MLM, Banking and the like
  • Has led the team (preferred)
  • Target Oriented
  • Have own vehicle
  • Strong communication, persuasion and market analysis
  • Willing to be placed in Bandung
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Jam        :   10.00 - selesai
Tempat   :    Paskal Hyper Square B-7 Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27 Bandung
Hari dan tanggal :
Senin ,   14 Mei 2012
Senin ,   21 Mei 2012
Senin ,  28 Mei 2012
Senin ,  04 Juni 2012


- The Commission
- Monthly Production Bonus
- Management Fee
- Over Riding
- Bonus Quaterly
- Foreign Trip



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