Sampoerna Internship Program Vacancy

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk is an Indonesian tobacco company. Sampoerna/Philip Morris International is the largest Indonesian tobacco company, ahead of Gudang Garam and Djarum. In May, 2005, subsidiaries of Altria Group completed the acquisition of 97.95% of the company. A block of approximately 40% of the outstanding stock was sold by the controlling Sampoerna family, especially by Putera Sampoerna, and other insiders in a negotiated transaction and the remaining shares were purchased in a tender offer. The series of transactions valued the company at approximately $5.2 billion. The investment in Sampoerna represented a strategic move for Altria. Philip Morris International was spun off from Altria in 2008. Although Marlboro is the most popular Western-style (non kretek cigarette), most Indonesians still smoke kretek cigarettes.
Sampoerna reported 2006 Net Sales of 29.55 trillion Rupiah (approximately $3.22bn using the February 22, 2008 exchange rate) resulting in 3.53 trillion Rupiah Net Income.
It produces kretek-type clove cigarettes. Its most popular brand is Sampoerna 'A' Mild, a filter cigarette in white paper. Although the cigarette is described as mild, it contains similar tar and nicotine levels to Marlboro Red. Along with variations on the Sampoerna Brand (filterless (known as Hijau, or green), menthol, etc.), the company's other key brand is "234" (pronounced Dji Sam Soe), an unfiltered cigarette with 39 mg of tar and 2.3 mg of nicotine per stick. Dji Sam Soe is the most premium cigarette in Indonesia. Its retail price per pack is the same with Marlboro Red (20 sticks), whilst 234 is packed 12 sticks..
The company is named after the founding Sampoerna family, and was founded in 1913.
As of 1 April 2009 HM Sampoerna's President Director is John Gledhill who was previously part of Phillip Morris Australia.
PT Hanjaya Mandala SAMPOERNA Tbk., one of the leading tobacco manufacturing companies in Indonesia, produces brands such as Dji Sam Soe, A Mild, and Sampoerna Hijau, and is an affiliate of Philip Morris International, one of the leading international tobacco company.

Due to business growth, upcoming projects and other business objectives, we are looking for talented people who possess a passionate and enterprising spirit to grow with us in forming the future of our business.


We offer a comprehensive Internship Program where interns are challenged to be involved directly in specific projects designed to blend strategic and operational work. Interns will be provided with specific project plan, coordinate with team managers regularly to obtain support as well as continuous evaluation and development. You will have the opportunity to experience all that we have to offer: our work, our people, our values and our culture. You will be expected to perform to our high standards.


  • A developed internship program with a duration of 2-6 months
  • Support from experienced skilled professionals 
  • Direct involvement in specific project assignments related to a candidates university majors 
  • Available function in the fields of mechanical, production, quality management and supply chain 


  • During the project, the Interns will have these following benefits:
  • A round trip transportation reimbursement will be given to the interns with university travel  distances greater than 60 km, either using executive train or executive bus. 
  • The intern will also be eligible for monthly reimbursement meals, transportation and accommodation expenses during the program based on prevailing policy at the moment 
  • Lunch will be provided daily by the company 
  • Company is responsible over medical coverage expenses of working accidents which occurred on supervised condition. Moreover, the interns may use medical facilities in the Companys   
  • Policlinic upon approval. 

Majoring in Industrial, Mechanical, Manufacture and Electrical Engineering with minimum  GPA 2.75
Willing to work full time
Will be placed in our plant in Sukorejo, Bekasi, or Karawang area.

We invite you to apply for this great opportunity by sending your CV to (email subject: Internship_Major_University _Name)


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