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Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome (black-and-white) or colored, with accompanying sound. "Television" may also refer specifically to a television set, television programming, television transmission.
The etymology of the word has a mixed Latin and Greek origin, meaning "far sight": Greek tele (τῆλε), far, and Latin visio, sight (from video, vis- to see, or to view in the first person).

Commercially available since the late 1920s, the television set has become commonplace in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a vehicle for advertising, a source of entertainment, and news. Since the 1970s the availability of video cassettes, laserdiscs, DVDs and now Blu-ray Discs, have resulted in the television set frequently being used for viewing recorded as well as broadcast material. In recent years Internet television has seen the rise of television available via the Internet, e.g. iPlayer and Hulu.
Although other forms such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) are in use, the most common usage of the medium is for broadcast television, which was modeled on the existing radio broadcasting systems developed in the 1920s, and uses high-powered radio-frequency transmitters to broadcast the television signal to individual TV receivers.
The broadcast television system is typically disseminated via radio transmissions on designated channels in the 54–890 MHz frequency band. Signals are now often transmitted with stereo and/or surround sound in many countries. Until the 2000s broadcast TV programs were generally transmitted as an analog television signal, but in 2008 the USA went almost exclusively digital.
A standard television set comprises multiple internal electronic circuits, including those for receiving and decoding broadcast signals. A visual display device which lacks a tuner is properly called a video monitor, rather than a television. A television system may use different technical standards such as digital television (DTV) and high-definition television (HDTV). Television systems are also used for surveillance, industrial process control, and guiding of weapons, in places where direct observation is difficult or dangerous.
Amateur television (ham TV or ATV) is also used for non-commercial experimentation, pleasure and public service events by amateur radio operators. Ham TV stations were on the air in many cities before commercial TV stations came on the air

MNC TV (formerly TPI) is an Indonesian private television station which broadcasts a terrestrial from Jakarta. His name is now used since October 20, 2010. MNC TV, founded with the name of TPI, is the third private television station in Indonesia after SCTV. TPI was founded by Mbak Tutut and used most of its shares owned by PT Cipta Lamtoro Gung Persada.

In the year 2009 up to 2010, MNC TV not broadcast sporting events. But beginning in 2010 TPI back sporting events are broadcast English Premier League.

MNC TV, a fast growing national broadcasting company is currently seeking young and talented individuals to fill following position

Policy and Procedure officer

  • Making policy & procedure standardization of working flow
  • Reviewing effectivity of SOP and Policy to increase work's quality and efficiency


  • Candidate must possess Min.Bachelor Degree, any major with min.GPA 3.00
  • Required skill(s): Computer Literate MS Office (Word, Excell, Power Point, Visio), Policy & Procedure Making & Planning
  • Good understanding of company's business process
  • Good writing skills of working system that easily understood by others
  • Good interpersonal and coomunication skills


  • Min.Diploma's degree from broadcasting, GPA min 2.75
  • Max.age 27 years old
  • Creative, hard worker, assertive, energetic
  • Able to work in high pace environment
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Have great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Having experienced in production television or production house as a creative team is recommended

Editor - News

  • Max.age 27 years old
  • Candidates who have work experience as an Editor in a production house or TV station will be preferable
  • Min.Diploma`s degree, preferably from broadcast or multimedia background
  • Should be willing to work in shift
  • Can endure demanding tasks
  • Experienced in editing Software and graphic computer

IT Data comm engineer

  • responsible for development, security, maintenance and repair of data communications systems, email systems and data center systems


  • male
  • maximum age 27 years
  • work experience in the same field at least 2 years


  • to receive and connect the phone


  • female or male
  • communicative and personable
  • maximum age 25 years

Promo Produser
Male or female

  • maximum age 30 years
  • work experience of at least 3 years or more in the same position, preferably having worked in home production
  • Able to manufacture the concept of promotion, budgeting, directing and editing understand

Monitoring and Promo Evaluation

  • female or male
  • max age 27 Years
  • Graduate education or psychology of communication
  • able to analyze properly
  • materials including soft copy editing, checking of material impressions, making MbyM to support the team


  • Max. age 26 years old Good looking and cameraface
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) min GPA of 3,00 (4 scale)
  • Good looking and cameraface
  • Microphonic vocal
  • Proportional posture
  • Fluent English oral and written (TOEFL min. 500)
  • Wide knowledge
  • Interested in journalism

Editor - Post Production

  • Male
  • Maximum of age is 27 years
  • Candidates who have work experience as an Editor in a Production House or TV station will be prioritized
  • Minimum formal education is D III degree, preferably from Broadcast or Multimedia background
  • Should be willing to work in shift
  • Can endure demanding tasks
  • Familiar with AVID & Final Cut Pro

Research Staff

  • Bachelor Degree from Statistics/Mathematic/Psychology from vocational university
  • Having experience of doing qualitative research is recommended
  • Min. GPA 2,80
  • Male/Female, max. age 27 years old
  • Having a good presentation and analytical skill

Technical Support

  • Male
  • Min. age 21 years old
  • Having experience 1-2 years as Technical Support in Television Station
  • Min. D3 Electric /Information Technology /Telecommunication
  • Knowing basic system technology broadcast
  • Should be willing to work in shift

Transmission Technician

  • Male
  • Min. age 25 years
  • Having background experience 2 years in Electronic or Telecommunication Area
  • Able to reading Schematic and doing repairing
  • Able to be located in Palu, Lampung, Cirebon and Denpasar

IT Application Engineer

  • Candidate must possess min Bachelor's Degree (S1) in Computer Science/Information Technology/Information System from reputable university, with min GPA 3.00
  • Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work as an individual as well as a team.
  • Required language(s): English (both oral and written)
  • At least 1 year of working experience in the related field is required for this position, but fresh graduate are welcome.
  • Experienced with several programming languages : VB, PHP, Oracle, My SQL, MS SQL Server.

Cameraman - News
Operating Camera

  • male
  • 22 - 27 Years old
  • from reputable university with gpa min. 3.00
  • interesting in jurnalism (broadcasting)
  • good to operating camera

Graphic Designer - Post Production

  • Designing Banner, Standing Banner, Merchandise
  • Make Order NTC (Super Impose, Template, Squeeze Frame, Running Text, Implenting)


  • Male
  • 23 - 30 Years
  • Has Minimum 1 year Experienced work as Motion Graphic and Print
  • Technical skill: Print and Motion

Design Graphic Officer - for Marketing & Sales

  • Receive through the creative process from the input video / audio into a structured series of audio visual
  • Organize through the creative process from the input video / audio into a structured series of audio visual
  • Processing through the creative process from the input video / audio into a structured series of audio visual


  • Male / Female
  • 25 - 30
  • Has experience 1 Year
  • Capabble to use 2D and 3D Animation Application
Field Cashier

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1 ` Major Accounting)
  • GPA Min. 2.75
  • Male with maximum age 26 Years
  • Able to use MS Office (Specially for Excel)
  • Hard working, able to make financial report and willing to travel
  • Willing to work in extensive time

Set Designer

  • To design settings, scenic environments and properties for TV production


  • Bachelor degree, major in Interior Design or Architecture
  • Min. 1 year experience in the same position
  • Possess high level of sense of art
  • Mastering 3D Max, Autocad, Corel Draw and Photoshop
  • Able to work independently as well as a team

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