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Being a leading company in the field of insurance by giving priority to the implementation of the program and the Social Insurance Compulsory Insurance in line with community needs.

Chess Bakti Ekakarsa Raharja Services

Devotion to the community, with emphasis on basic protection and excellent service in line with community needs.
Devotion to the State, to realize the best performance as an organizer of the Social Insurance Program and Mandatory Insurance, and State-Owned Enterprises.
Devotion to the Company, to achieve a balance of interests so that productivity can be achieved at an optimum for the sustainability of the Company.
Devotion to the environment, to empower the potential for the balance of resources and environmental sustainability.

PT. Jasa Raharja an opportunity for Indonesia to become the sons and daughters of employees of PT. Raharja services.


  • S1/D3 minimum education of all faculties / departments accredited.
  • Derived from the PTN / PTS qualified good.
  • Maximum age:
  • For S1 Graduates aged 29 years
  • For D3 graduates aged 27 years
  • Not Married (evidenced by the KTP and Not Married Statement at the time of recruitment and selection process, signed on stamp)
  • Sibling who has not worked at PT. Raharja services (evidenced by the Statement, signed on Stamp)
  • Willing to be placed in all regions of Indonesia (expressed in the Statement, signed on the stamp).
  • Implementation of the tests conducted in Jakarta and at his own expense.
Applicants who pass the selection of the registration / administration will be invited to perform Registration. Administrative requirements that MUST be taken during registration are:

  • Participants card
  • CV with a format that has been provided
  • Photocopies of certificates that have been legalized.
  • The transcripts that have been legalized.
  • Original and photocopy of identity self-identity card / driving license to be presented upon verification of data.
  • Statement Not Married, Not had a brother in the PT. Raharja services, Willing to be located throughout the territory of Indonesia

recent photo size 4 x 6 as much as two (2) lbr a card taped to the participant and the CV
All files submitted in the color map:

  • Applicants for S1 in the yellow folder
  • For Applicants D3/SMA in blue folder

Register on-line via: / jasaraharja or
Results will be announced Registration Date May 3, 2012 at 18:00 pm
Only the best qualified candidates (candidates sortlisted) the right to take the next step.

For online registration, please to page:

Required files:
Participants card form: Click Here
CV form: Click Here
Waiver form: Click Here



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