Sampoerna Agro STAR Vacancy

Perusahaan kami merupakan kelompok usaha Sampoerna Agro bergerak di bidang agribisnis sektor perkebunan, dengan ini mengumumkan bahwa perusahaan kami membuka lowongan kerja untuk mengisi posisi:
First field planting within the Sampoerna Agro Group was through PT Aek Tarum in 1989. It was followed by the establishment of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk (previously named as PT Selapan Jaya) in 1993 to operate oil palm plantations in South Sumatra region. Currently, PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk together with its subsidiary companies (“the Company”), is one of the leading producers of palm oil and palm kernel in Indonesia. The Company is also one of the few oil palm seed producers in Indonesia that received license from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture to produce and sell oil palm seeds to third parties.

As of 31 December 2010, total planted area of its nucleus and plasma estates in Sumatra region consists of 60,228 hectares of matured palms and 17,636 hectares of immature palms. While in Kalimantan, which includes the ones under partnership (kemitraan) scheme, consists of approximately 13,272 hectares of matured palms, and 11,643 hectares of immature palms.

Within the same period, the Company manages nucleus estates of about 58,095 hectares while plasma and kemitraan estates under guidance are about 44,684 hectares. The Company has six POMs, of which five are situated in Sumatra and one in Kalimantan. The POMs in Sumatra have a total capacity to produce 380 tons of fresh fruit bunches (“FFB”) per hour, whereas the POM in Kalimantan has a capacity to produce 75 tons of FFB per hour.

One of the Company’s subsidiaries, PT Binasawit Makmur (“BSM”) produces and sells six varieties of high quality oil palm seeds with diverse genetic origins which are derived from 225 set of dura families and 50 pisifera families.

To pursuit its vision of becoming one of the leading agribusiness companies that is accountable in Indonesia, Sampoerna Agro attempts to strike a balanced mix between growth and sustainability that focuses on four basic fundamentals: people, planet, product, and profit. Along with the vision, The Company maintains its strategy of rapid growth through diversifying plantation portfolio into other crops that are able to produce higher value-added downstream products.

Diversification initiative into sago, a starch bearing crop, was made in 2010. Following an acquisition of a 21,620 hectare land concession in Selat Panjang of Riau Province, the Company through PT. National Sago Prima started commissioning its first sago starch factory in late December of 2011. The factory has a full capacity of 33,000 tons of starch output per annum. With the factory commissioning, the Company had started to produce high quality starch under the brand name Prima Starch and distributed it to domestic as well as international markets


  • Education min. S1 Agriculture / Agricultural Technology / Accounting / / Mechanical Engineering
  • GPA min. 2.75
  • Age max. 28 years
  • not married
  • Having the ability to lead, work together, honest, disciplined, responsible and motivated to work for success
  • Willing to stay in the garden, following the educational program and undergo a bond

For those of you who are interested and meet these qualifications, please send your cover letter, complete with CV and photograph, photocopy of identity card, copy of transcripts and diploma, stating the position code not later than April 30, 2012 (postmark) to:
PO BOX 234 / JKS CA Jakarta 12930
or email:



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